Residents in Sooke are concerned about the imminent tax hikes to pay for the new sewer system.

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Esquimalt benefits from water saving upgrade

by Times Colonist Staff, April 13, 2001

Investing $9,000 in new technology for the Archie Browning Sports Centre in Esquimalt has paid off as the region heads into a water-short summer.

A cooling system that used fresh water that was then send down the drain was replaced last year. A closed system that recirculates the same water over and over was installed at a cost of $9,000.

According to Esquimalt municipal engineering officials, initially the closed system was expected to pay for itself in three years. But in just one year it has saved the local taxpayers more than $6,000.

The savings have also left an extra 4.5 million gallons in the Sooke reservoir that otherwise would have been flushed out to sea.

According to an Esquimalt engineering report, the amount of water could provide one day's water for 14, 941 Greater Victoria homes, or fill up 10,210 hot tubs or make 101,000,000 cups of tea.

Meanwhile, in Oak Bay, homeof the annual Tea Party, municipal parks officials are cutting back on everything vegetable and colourful to save water.

Stewart Pitt, municipal engineer, said hanging baskets will be reduced by at least half of their usual 70 to 80. Flower beds will be replaced with shrubs or decorative grasses or just left bare.

Playing fields will be left to dry up and turn brown. Exceptions will be made for Henderson Park and Windsor Park where the playing fields are planted on a bed of sand and would die completely and need to be replanted if they weren't watered periodically.

WRATH Commentary:
  • Esquimalt is smart for installing the environmentally friendly technology that is reducing water consumption and saving their residents money that would otherwise be washed down the drain.
  • Water is a valuable resource, and should be treated as such. Closed loop systems conserve water, reduce environmental pollution, and save money.

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