Residents in Sooke are concerned about the imminent tax hikes to pay for the new sewer system.

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Higher Costs to residents in Sooke

  • The Sooke Mayor and Council passed a motion to approve costs of over $16 MILLION dollars without any input from the residents in Sooke. As of 2001, the predicted costs are much higher; $16.4 to $19.4 million dollars excluding the extras. As of the council meeting held on March 12,2001 the escalating costs are estimated at $24 million. NOW $24 MILLION, and we don't even get a say in the matter.
  • New high density development in the core AND residents who are not even hooked up to the system will pay for oversize infrastructure components to expand development and the sewer system. 
  • We will all pay to hook up to the system. 
  • We will all pay extra to empty our current septic tanks, even if they're new. 
  • We will all pay to fill our septic tanks with sand or have them removed from the ground. 
  • We will all pay to install a sewer system in the core and an outfall in the Harbour and Basin.
  • We will ALL PAY more due to the hidden costs that the Mayor and Council aren't talking about such as the costs to purchase land and annual operating costs. These additional costs will be paid by all taxpayers in the district.
  • We will all pay more, and we do not get to vote on the issue as promised by Mayor Ed.
  • In the review of the budget and proposed tax increases for general services at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, March 19th, 2001 it was revealed that the consultant of the incorporation study, which was overseen by Ed McGregor, who was Chair of the Incorporation Committee, seriously underestimated and miscategorized expenses in the budget, and we will now have to pay for the shortfall. All of us. So, we can probably expect more of the same for the sewer study proposal. So, what has changed? Now Ed has $24 million tax dollars to err with.
  • Furthermore, councillors are suggesting that we cut the budget for fire protection, highways maintenance, economic development, and, grants to local community groups. Email us for more details on which councillor wants to cut what; we were there!
  • In 2002, the Mayor and Council reduced the size of the area to be sewered claiming costs will be reduce to $16 million. Sound familiar? How long will it be before they once again expand the area to be sewered with all of us footing the bill? How long will be be before we see costs balloon back up to over $25 million?
  • How much Sooke money have they already flushed down the drain to get a sewer system and sewage outfall?



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