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Welcome to Teen Chat and Hang-Out Home Page!

Just TEENS please, thanks.

Kids welcome too.

You can chat while on this page. You will need Virtual Place to chat live on line. Virtual Place has a new page or just download V2.0 at ftp.vplaces.com. Go to chat now and download [VP] and after installation the fun will begin.
Need some KEWL AVATARS for "VP" take a look at all these and use the right mouse botton to save image to your hard drive. Be sure to put the avatar in your C:\VPLACES\EXTS\GALLERY directory. Choose your identity and then pick personal and pick the avatar you just saved.
Finally a cool spot for teens.
I believe we teens need our own space. A place for teen to talk about anything. Teen Nerds or just first time user. A page made just for you. A hang out just for TEENS. Sorry, no coffee served here.

Increase the Peace Why care who our neighbors are.
Here's one place Here's the other one
In the nursery room In the cemetery

A little something about me.

I am 17yrs old. I presently living in California. I am a freshman at Loara High School. I like to hang out in the Teen Chat-Live Room using Virtual Place. Look for me when I am on the internet. Click on tools (on the menu bar) and then choose find. A box will show up and just type in cerphergirl. When your finshed click on search. If I am on the net. You will see my name below.

My other home is Disneyland. You can see it without living in California. When you get to this page, click on Sleeping Beauty Castle and download movie clips of the park. You can play the Triva Game too. There is this new section for families and you can send a cupid Pooh e-card to anyone your want. This page has Simba's Pride on it too. My favorite site is the Main Street Eletrical Parade which will end Nov 25, 1996.
Need to find the weather in Anaheim where I live. You can look up a city in any country for the weather. All you surfer dude's need the surf report take a look at the wave report. Locals only for the Ronjons Surf Shop. Catch up on Surfer Magazine. You can find anything on surfing here.

Go to my favorite links or Check the teen links.
Many educational items and famous people

Thanks go to D Tech for helping me with this page. Which was inspired by Cream...a friend of a friend. You can see both of them chatting live on "Virtual Place" or go to Whip Cream. She made her home page first.
If you love Hello Kitty then click here. This wall paper was made by Joyce Tan at Stanford University.
Christopher Robin say please check Pooh's page.

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