Welcome Mes Amis!!!!!!

Well it seems that even a Cyber Goddess such as Moi, is capable of making a serious boo-boo.  It seems that I accidentally deleted my previous site.  I managed to save a good portion of my site on my Hard Drive.  However, my original first page was gone for good.

So it seems as though I need to start over.  Please feel free to explore my House.  Just be careful and don't trip over the boxes.

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Okay, so this is where I thank all the folks who mean the most to me.....so in no particular order, here they are.....(Please forgive me ahead of time if I wax sentimental.):

Big, Huge, Hug-type things go to:

Damian--- I love you as high the sky, and deeper then any ocean.  Honest.

Jael--- Je Taime mon ami.

JP--- Because, unlike some folks, I don't just quit when things get uncomfortable.

Bast---Hon, you are a doll. Words don't even begin to explain. You are a gifted writer, a sublime editor, and a friend for life. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Kim--- To the best "boss" a temperamental redhead  could ask for. Espcecially when I go stupid and delete my entire site. *G*

Lauranna--- You are one of a kind.....*G*....I mean it.  You epitomize class and hard work. You are a true friend and I am blessed to have you in my life.

My Dearest Miche---  You have been a sanity saver for me for the past year.  You are truly one of the best pals a gal could have.  And just on the off chance you haven't figured it out yet, I happen to love ya to death.

Ryan--- All things considered you probably know me best on a purely instinctive level. You are a true friend and I thank you for being a "P*ick like that."

To my favorite Twisted Twins, Lee and Tim--- To know me is to love me...and to know the two of you has been a blast. You two have made me laugh when I was depressed, made me actually think of something in terms of good natured revenge and above all else, you two have been friends. Thanks.

The rest of my links will have to wait for now.  They sort of got lost with the rest of my site.

EVERYTHING  on this page (Graphics and original writings) are ©  JadeRyan 1999.  Please don't take what isn't yours without at least asking first.  I'd really hate to track you down with a pack of rabid goldfish.  Very messy.  Scales get all over the furniture.  This is bad.

This page was last updated on November 3, 1999.

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