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"Distant Voices" by TRISOMIE 21

Distant Voices

Produced by T21 Chromo-management. Assistance by Jean-Michel Matuszak. Technical assistance: Jean-Christophe Ducatel and Guy-Henri Cedile. Recorded at the T21 studio. Mastered at Foon.
Cover concept by T21. Painting: Marie Paule Gernier-Glasser. Photo of Hervé Lomprez by Olivier Losson. Directed by Chromo management. All tracks written by H.Lombrez except (2)(6)(9) by H.Lomprez/P.Lomprez. Philippe Lomprez: vocals. Hervé Lomprez: electronics, electric guitar, whistles. Blaine Reininger: violin. Bruno Objoie: guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal effects. Lena Kane: backing vocals. Rodolphe Reisch: harmonica. Patrice Wouters: jew's harp.

  03:30  Shine Ola - The album begins with violins, guitars and drums.  This almost sounds like a pop song but there is no chorus sung. The melody from the violin is beautiful and echoes their French culture. Extremely romantic!

  05:37  A Touch Sweet Pleasure - TRISOMIE 21 does an acoustic song! This song is incredibly pretty and soothing. The acoustic guitar sounds so delicate but so full. There are other instruments and effects in this song too which create a deep atmosphere. Though the song is long, it is very romantic. Some of the lyrics are borrowed from the old song called Pleasure: "Day after day, pleasure is pleasure" Lena Kane or a sampled woman's voice provides the chorus by saying passionately: "Answer!". This is a brilliant new direction for T21. They proved that they can master not only expressing emotions through music but using many different forms and kinds of music for that expression. The music sounds unlike any T21 song. Because it stands out and it's incredibly beautiful, this is a new T21 classic! "It's your nature..."

  03:54  Again And Again (What A Regular World) - The percussion begins this slow song. This  song is lush with instruments and vocals. There's Lena Kane's beautiful moans and harmonies along with soulful hums which are deep and almost tribal. This song sets an atmosphere for the mundane world we all live in which is dangerous and exciting but at the same time redundant and routine. The harmonica, the guitar and the drums make this song a beautiful classic!

  05:32  The Perfect Side Of Doubt - Lena Kane starts it off with a soulful / funky  humming which gets down. "Hmm-hmm hmm-hmm, Hmm-hmm hmm-hmm,  hmm-hmm-hmm hmm-hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmm". The thick beat kicks in and so do the keyboards.Lena Kane's background vocals add a soulful quality. This is a new sound for T21 which just adds to it's old one. ".... Die for the time..."

  03:59  Badlands - A weird and wild song with strange sounding effects and beat. The tone of the song sets the stage for a land which is dangerous and mysterious. Philippe's vocals are just as amazing and just as hard to understand.

  04:17  Is Anybody Home? (Part 4) - A cool continuation... Philippe's voice is amazing but still hard to interpret the words. The driving beat adds to the dynamic and dramatic atmosphere. Then, at the end, the beat becomes a little more complicated with the melodies. The keyboard adds a really cool melody over the already cool one playing. I believe that this is the best part of the "Is Anybody Home?" series.

03:42 Distant Voices -This is a very atmospheric and emotional song with sampled and maybe natural violins and cellos. The music is amazing! Philippe's voice is also amazing but the words are a little hard to decipher. There is a slow dance beat which is lightly in the background. Reminds me of twilight.

  04:27  Soft Brushing Speed - This song is really cool. It has an amaazing rythem. It's one of my favorite songs on the album. I think it's a new TRISOMIE 21 classic!

  04:25  Jazz - T21's version of a jazz song... of courrse, it has their signature on it. The jazz beat is made with electronic rimshot. The music's cool and the keyboard effects are not only cool but also weird. There's a weird sound that echoes in parts. (The French lyrics can be read if you click here --  The Lyrics to "Jazz" by T21 but the English translation was submitted by Jef L. They are both in the lyrics section!)

  04:13  Long Rider - A slow instrumental with a harmonica. Lena Kane is the only vocalist in this one. It's a nice way to end this mellow album.

(Overall, this album flows extremely well. Unlike Works and Million Lights, this album had a new age feel to it. The instruments are much more varied than previous albums and they add an exotic variety  to their already exotic sound. It's a beautiful album which is ethereal and flowing but not catchy or mainstream. The music is commercially accessible like a new age record but the lyrics are sometimes hard to understand. This adds a mystery to this album. It's a beautiful album.) - Todd E. Jones

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