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Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home;
Your house is on fire, your children all gone;
All but one, and her name is Ann,
And she crept under the pudding pan.

The traditional poem above is still repeated by children today, but many say it got it beginnings in Medieval Folklore and referred to the burning of hops vines to clear the fields after the harvest. The ladybugs would fly away, and the larvae would crawl away, but the pupa would remain fastened to the vine and burn., 

In Europe, during the Middle Ages, insects were destroying the crops, so the Catholic farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help.  Soon the Ladybugs came, ate the plant-destroying pests and saved the crops! The farmers  began calling the ladybugs "The Beetles of Our Lady", and they eventually became known as "Lady Beetles"!  The red wings represented the Virgin's cloak and the black spots represented her joys and sorrows. 

In Sweden, folks believe that if a ladybug lands on a young maiden's hand, she will soon be getting married.
If you find a ladybug in your house, count the number of spots and that is how many dollars you will soon receive.

In England, finding a ladybug means that you will have a good harvest.

In France, if you are sick and a ladybug lands on you, when it flies away, it will take the sickness with it.

If a ladybug has more than seven spots, then there will be a famine. If it has less than seven, then there will be a good harvest.

At one time, doctors would mash up ladybugs and put them in a cavity to cure a toothache.

Some people believe that the number of spots on a ladybug indicates how many children you will have.

If you find a ladybug in your house in the winter you will have good luck.

Ladybug Roses and the Pharaoh of Egypt - this is a wonderful story.

Ladybug Fable by Morissa Sherman

Five Little Ladybugs

Five little ladybugs climbing up a door,

One flew away and then there were four.


Four little ladybugs sitting on a tree,

One flew away and then there were three.


Three little ladybugs landed on a shoe,

One flew away and then there were two.


Two little ladybugs looking for some fun,

One flew away and then there was one.


One little ladybug sitting in the sun,

She flew away and then there were none.

If I Were A Ladybug

"If I were a Ladybug
I'd be orange and black
I'd be oval in shape
And have spots on my back

I'd look at the flowers
And crawl up the plants
And I'd have for my neighbors
Some beetles and ants!"

Copyright © Marlene Glaus
Used With Permission


Just after summer, I have seen
A marching army on our screen;
Their bright red armors marked with spots
Were speckled black in solid dots!

They crawled in clusters, then they flew
Across the green yard to the blue.
And I could tell, before my eyes
They were some creatures for their size!

Where did they go?  Where do they hide
Inside these days of Autumn tide?
Will they return when Robins sing
To join the colored days of Spring?"

~ Copyright © Marlene Glaus ~
Used with permission

Never Hurt a Ladybug!
Ladybugs are in my yard
Just look at them devour
  Those pesky aphids on the leaves
Of all my pretty flowers!

Never hurt a ladybug
 We need them in the garden
  Ladybugs help flowers grow
   So we must give them pardon!

~Author Unknown~

How to say "Ladybug" Around the World

Austria ~ Glückskäfer
Czechoslovakia ~ Slunécko
Denmark ~ Mariehøne
England ~ LadyBird
Finland ~ Leppäkerttu
France ~ Coccinelle
Germany ~ Marienkafer
Greece  ~ Paskalitsa
Holland ~ Lieveheersbeestje
Hungary ~ Katicabogár
Italy ~ Coccinella
Japan ~ Tentou Mushi
Jordan ~ Da'asouqah
Korea ~ Mudangbule
Latvia ~ Mara
Malaysia ~ Kumbang
Poland ~ Biedronka
Portugal ~ Joaninha
Romania ~ Buburuzã
Russia ~ Bosya Kopovka
Slovania ~ Pikapolonica
Spain ~ Mariquita
Sweden ~ Nykelpiga
Turkey ~ Ugurböcegi


© 2001 S. Seagraves

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