This is my first venture into the digital realm so I'll try and keep it pithy. I have been a professional actor in NYC for over 35 years. In that time I have performed on Broadway,Off Broadway, in regional theatres, and in infinitesimally small roles in films and t.v. (does anyone remember SUPERBOY?) Yes I know you've never heard or seen me before, but that's what I prefer at this point - anonymity.

The upper left shot is a scene I had with Sigourney Weaver in the original production of BEYOND THERAPY. The next shot is with a marvelous actress, Beverly Bullock, a co-star in A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE.

-----------BROADWAY MUSING--------------------------------

A true story: it's the late 1970's and I'm on Broadway in DRACULA at the Martin Beck Theatre. We're twenty minutes into the show and Raul Julia is about to make his first entrance as the count. He sweeps in,smiles wickedly, and in a croaking whisper that can barely be heard says,"Good evening"! He tries again. Same choked whisper. Raul has laryngitis! He raises his hand , stops the show and explains that the curtain will come down and we will continue.The curtain comes down,he goes backstage,and after a slight pause the curtain comes up revealing Harker (moi), Lucy , and Dr. Seward patiently waiting.The maid announces the count,Raul enters, and IN THE SAME CRACKED WHISPER says,"Good evening". This scene was then repeated ONE MORE TIME before the curtain came down and up at last to reveal Jack Betts (Raul's understudy) as count Dracula. The show then went on from there.
This highly dramatic occurence has always stuck in my memory. Why would Raul keep coming back so many times when it was quite obvious that his laryngitis would not allow him to continue?Why would he make the first appearence to begin with? In retrospect, I think I may have an interpretation.If Raul had just told the stage manager that he couldn't go on, an announcement would have been made and amidst the groans of most of the audience a sizable percentage of the house would have noisily tramped up to the box office and demanded their money back. Raul was one of the most gracious,generous actors I have ever worked with (not a cliche - quite true!). If he wanted to give Jack a good house for his Broadway debut I think he was quite capable of making sure there was no such announcement.Even if he had to go on with laryngitis ( or even WITHOUT laryngitis).He was an actor who could test the outter envelope between actor and audience and always come away a winner.BRAVO!
[And Bravo to Johanna Leister for her cape-handling ability]

-------------------THE CULT OF CATS-----------------------

Please understand that I did not start out a cat fan.To tell the truth, before I met Beverly I was allergic to the little beasties and would develope a raging,itching rash on my neck and scalp if I came in contact with them too long. But 'Naldo (The Red Cat) and Kenny (The Best Cat in the World) were worth the effort so I took antihistimines and gradually , over time acclimated myself. As you can see, Ken is the alpha male with a rather magnetic personality.
He makes his wants known and it's up to you, puny mortal as you may be, to set in motion events that will satisfy those wishes.

----------------------NYC WEEKENDS------------------

I smell the sea and it calls to me.
Alas, Ken's eye must go
Tis gone, how he drooped each day with a white plastic collar to protect his stitches. Poor Ken. Now the collar is off and things are back to normal.
Good old Ken.

A glance out my window reveals a time-warp sailing past.


[ I opened as Gonzolo in the Mill Mountain (Roanoke,VA) production of:
There is a wonderful moment in the film SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE when a minor character playing the nurse in ROMEO & JULIET is asked what the play is about. He replies, "It's the story of a Nurse who....". Ah, the egocentric viewpoint of an actor is a marvel to behold! Bearing this in mind, I will now tell you the story of THE TEMPEST.
It's the story of a good and faithful advisor (Gonzolo)to the king of Naples who saves the lives of the duke of Milan (Prospero) and his infant daughter (Miranda) by convincing the duke's bloody-minded and usurping brother (Antonio) to let them live, adrift at sea, in a boat provided (by Gonzolo) with food, clothing, and Prospero's magic books.
The play opens 12 years later.
Gonzolo's ship is seemingly sea-swallowed by a freakish tempest created by Prospero's magic. The king (Alonso) and his court; separated from the king's son (Ferdinand), must fend for themselves on the very island Prospero and Miranda landed on. While desperately searching for his son, Alonso is almost killed by his own brother (Sebastian) and the scheming Antonio. But Prospero sends a spirit of the island (Ariel) to warn the good Gonzolo who saves the king.
There are then some minor plot lines involving two drunken shipmates (Stephano & Trinculo), a romance 'twixt Ferdinand and Miranda, and the relationship between Prospero and his slave (Caliban).
Finally, Prospero gathers everyone together to thank the good Gonzolo, get his dukedom back, forgive those who plotted his death, set Ariel and Caliban free, prepare the royal ship, and renounce his magic before returning to Milan.
THE TEMPEST was Shakespeare's last solo effort and is famous for its mature advocation of "reason against... fury" and of "the rarer action of virtue" rather than vengeance. Some notable quotes are:"Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows"(Trinculo), "Oh brave new world that has such people in't!" (Miranda), "Not since widow Dido's time." (Gonzolo), and Prospero's majestic renunciation, "Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves...."
Mill Mountain's THE TEMPEST ran thru March, 1999..
You may also want to check out the theatre's web site at:

Oh those soulful eyes!
This old friend had suffered,
She'd been starved, exiled, and beaten,
Yet her last years were her best years,
When one person cared enough to Sally forth.


ONEILL : American Premier


I was cast as Eugene O'Neill in ONEILL "award-winning French Canadian playwright Anne Legault's absorbing work presents Eugene O'Neill struggling with the ghosts of his past and the presence of his children, as he tries to finish his legendary LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT. It is a work of imagination that explores the boundaries between autobiography, fiction, and divergent visions of reality. An American Premier. English translation by Daniel Libman. Directed by Michael Hillyer."
January 7-30 at the Blue Heron Theatre, 123 E. 24 St., NYC


After O'NEILL closed on Sunday, I went into rehearsal for a new play: INVENTING MONTANA

The rather insane individual on the left is Lord Songsbee, one of three Dickensian characters I play in this production. Like O'NEILL, this new play is a World Premier written by a poet: Jeanne Murray Walker. It involves the discovery of a lost manuscript which leads a Dickens scholar and a young graduate student on an adventure across time and place as it delves into relationships between fathers and daughters. Directed by Carl Wallnau, the cast also includes: David Sitler, Kristen Dabrowski, Katrina Ferguson, J.C. Hoyt, Melina Flanagan, and Ezra Milchman.


I then completed a short film wherein I play a teacher dealing with a spoiled trust-fund teen with motivational problems. Post-production should be finished soon!

In 2002 I finished playing the banished Duke Frederick Sr. in a NYC production of Shakespeare's classic: AS YOU LIKE IT. More than 20 years ago I was Oliver (Orlando's brother) in a production with Christopher Reeve slated as Orlando. But Chris got a soap opera and we got a very amiable cab driver who fit the bill quite well. The current production was at the same theatre and with the same director as O'NEILL. We received wonderful houses and played til Aug.21st at the Blue Heron Theatre.


I finished performing the lead role in BLITHE SPIRIT for the Centenary Stage Company in Hackettstown, NJ. It was a massive part, played at breakneck speed with a cast of truly wonderful performers (of the four leads, I was the only one who wasn't British). We played thru Oct. 28 and I am truly devestated that this one has ended because it was such a marvelous comic challenge every night.


FLASH: I was firmly ensconced in Little Rock, Arkansas, in The Rep's production of Tom Stoppard's ROUGH CROSSING from Jan. thru March. The play took place on a luxury ocean liner in the late 1920's (wonderful period costumes!). I played a rather dim-bulb of an actor named Ivor Fish. If you've seen any Stoppard play or even his movie: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, you'll know that this is a farce about language.

Little did I realize that in a few years, I would be going on such a liner cruise from Barcelona, Spain to a tour of 8 Shakespearean Plays Athens, Troy, Messina, The Bay of Actium, Split, Dubrovnik, Saranda, Illyria (12th Night), etc.


LATER: For three weeks I was the 2nd Unit Photo Double for Hugh Laurie on STUART LITTLE 2 which was released sometime in the summer of 2001. It'd been some time since I did extra work for movies, but.... the previous April, I did three days work on a Richard Benjamin film, MARCI X with Keenan Wayans, Lisa Kudrow, and hundreds of extras.On the last night, a SAG waiter tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Excuse me, but weren't you my father in the 1986 production of THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS ?" To which I could only gape like a stunned carp. This was little 13 year old Fred Caruso? I replied: "Yes! And didn't I later marry your sister, my daughter in that production?" To which he replied: "Yes!"

As I was relating this story to two starlets-to-be in'Holding', one patiently waited for me to finish and then asked: "Excuse me but aren't you the professor in Matthias's NYU film?" To which I could only gasp out, " But how could you know that? It was filmed in one day and hasn't been edited yet."

She just smiled and said:"We're old friends. I was at your audition with the girl?"


Nikki. Ah yes.....


O.K. so I did Shakespeare in the city again. This time it was a snappy production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM directed and designed by my friend, Beverly Bullock. I played one of the 'rustics': Peter Quince. We played at the Beckmann Theatre, 314 W. 54th St. (2nd floor), and the dates were: July 27-30 and Aug. 4th and 5th.

9/11/2001: To the friends and relatives I haven't talked to yet: I was in Midtown voting when the WTC attack occured. I'm o.k. The next day I started HEDDA GABLER rehearsals for the Century Theatre Center on 14th St. (I will be playing Tesman, Hedda's husband ). By then the subway was sporadically running. But the stench of concrete dust, molten steel, and death had reached the opposite end of our island. The smell has gone down since the rains of Thursday night, but the gritty memory will never leave. I fear we have no calm heads to prevail in our government and the great yawp of "Nuke 'em back to the stone age" (whoever 'they' may be) seems to be the loudest advice. How this country reacts in the coming months will create repercussions that will affect the lives and quality- of-life of generations of Americans and non-Americans alike. We are at a crossroads where might can all too easily make blight. - Nick Stannard,NYC, 11/16/01


The picture on the left is of myself as Tesman, Max Vogler as Judge Brack, and Blake Lindsley in the starring role of the well-received production of HEDDA GABLER at the Century Center Theatre off of 14th St. The production ran from Oct.10-28, 2001.


I was slated to be in yet another Shakespearean production for Love Creek directed by my friend and muse: Beverly Bullock. This time I was Don Pedro the Prince of Aragon in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. More later! MUCH ADO Came and went with much todo (see review). I've learned that Beverly and the cast were to be awarded or aknowledged in the 2002 OOBR Awards for ! Calloo Callay!

Next on the boards was a production of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at the same theatre as MUCH ADO. I portreyed 2 butlers: Lane & Merriman. The real fireworks are between the 2 ladies: Gwendolen (Christine Bardes) and Cecily (Kelly Barret); the 2 men: Algernon (Greg Dubner) and Jack (Michael Cavaliere); and Beverly Bullock (also our director) as Lady Backnell. Not to be missed.

On June 24th,2002, I and the entire cast of MUCH ADO and, of course the director - designer Beverly Bullock were honored in an awards ceremony from OOBR.COM. Sixteen other theatre companies were so honored at this chamelion-like event. Tis here, tis there, tis Minetta Lane, twas heavenly. As for Earnest two more days to go at SAT 2PM & 8PM and SUN 7PM.

There is talk that I am cast in MACBETH playing in the Sargent Theatre (ATA 4th floor) in September.If it be so, twere best it be done quick to full houses (one lives in hope). - Nick

Yes it's official! I played five roles in this cast of twenty. I am including a specially created photo of "old Seward" from the production. - Nick

I played a silent bit role as The Stanford Athletic Scout in a film originally called SWIMFAN 85 which finally became SWIMFAN. I hear it's doing quite well.


Also in movie theatres is a silent dancing scene in FAR FROM HEAVEN with Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore. The scene takes place in the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach circa 1950's. We are all celebrating New Year's Eve. I have yet to see any of these movies as yet so you'll just have to take my word for it that I was in them (although I'm positive I'm in SWIMFAN because every review mentions the Stanford Scouts)!

On the last day of April through May 4th {2003}, I played the title roll in Shakespeare's KING JOHN. This was a major role in one of his little known plays, but I think it still had echoes of today's world events. John is a king who has seized power under iffy circumstances and is hell-bent for a war with France. He does not have the full backing of his allies due to his machinations which causes him no end of trouble. We performed at the Sargeant Theatre at ATA (314 West 54th St.) More Later

And still more Shakespeare:From December 4-14th (2003),I was the Duke in exile (again) for Beverly's production of AS YOU LIKE IT. Set in the '60's, this was a marvelously vivid production of Shakespeare's classic comedy that we poured our heart and soul into. Unfortunately a spate of snowstorms in the city decimated our audiences (and,indeed, most of Broadway and Off-Broadway) so that few people ever got to see this gem. Hazard of the trade! But,undaunted, we slogged on to a rather popular (go figure) production of CYMBELINE which played from March 3-7 (2004). The rather shaggy individual on the right is Belarius, a mountain runagate who stole King Cymbeline's two sons and raised them as his own in the wilds of Wales. Next on the bill is a production of MEASURE FOR MEASURE which will play from April 29th - May 2nd (2004). I played the rather thankless and immense roll [it turns out to be Shakespeare's Longest Role(s)] of Duke Vincentio and his alter ego Friar Lodowick a tricksy machinator who keeps the plot whirling til a final scene of multiple deceptions revealed and made right. This was one of Shakespeare's later, dark 'Problem Play" romances and it has much to say on Love, Life, Death, and the arbitrator being judged.

Still more: On November 4th - 14th, 2004, Beverly's new theatre company: ShakespeareNYC presented its first production - 12th NIGHT. For the first time we played on Theatre Row. I played both the sea captain who is washed ashore with Viola as well as Fabian a tricksy drinking companion of Sir Toby Belch. This was a specially perfect cast and there were many echoes of Much Ado's rollicking byplay in key scenes throughout the play. We were a hit and received a rave review from OOBR! So it goes!

ShakespeareNYC's second and third presentation at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row was a repertory schedule of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM and THE WINTER'S TALE which ran from March 14th - April 4th. I played the role of Peter Quince in Summer and the Old Shepherd in Winter.

From Aug. 7th - 20th, 2005, ShakespeareNYC presented it's fourth presentation: JULIUS CAESAR at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row (410 W. 42nd St.). The period was changed to the 1930's in the American South (the same era as Huey Long's rise and fall from power). I played four characters including Caius Legarius one of the conspirators who kills Caesar, and Marullus who utters the famous speech in defense of Pompey: "Wherefore rejoice?". We had a cast of 19 excellent actors and it was truly a joy to behold AND take part in.

On December 28th, 2004, Kenneth Bullock's noble heart broke and was stilled. He died among family under the Christmas tree. He was my Friend, Colleague, Confederate, Son, Confidente, and the best cat I've ever known. He will be missed - Nick.

On January 12th, ShakespeareNYC previewed ROMEO & JULIET at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row (410 W. 42nd St.). We played til Jan. 28th, 2006. The play was set in the Renaisance period with all it's implied color and pageantry. I was the Prince of Verona, the apothecary, and others in this classic story of feuding families and "star-crossed lovers". It turned out to be the most successful run so far! And to add to the excitement, Geoffrey Dawe (Capulet father and Associate Artistic Director of the Company)) was married on the stage after the Sunday, Jan. 22nd Matinee!

Quite a busy couple of weeks lately. Last Sunday (May 21st) I finished shooting a supporting role on FLYING SCISSORS an independent film which will be submitted to several film festivals in the Fall. I play Dr.Elden Emmanuel, a professional referee for the National Rock,Paper,Scissors League. This is an hilarious mockumentary culminating in the big championship match of all the regional rps winners. It is the hope of all involved that this film be picked up by HBO. Shortly after filming ended, I was cast as a sherrif's deputy in the Russell Crowe film, TENDERNESS (which was filmed in Playland in Rye, NY). Finally, throughout all of this, I have rehearsed for ShakespeareNYC's next production: CORIOLANUS. It was a bloody good play with an excellent cast of 21 actors. We played at the Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row from June 14th-25th, 2006. On Sept. 28 I started rehearsals for ShakespeareNYC's seventh show: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, which opened at the Becket Theatre on Theatre Row on Oct. 28th, 2006. I played the shrew's father - Senor Baptista.

June of 2007 (June 9-30) was the start of the History Cycle with KING JOHN and RICHARD II being performed in repertory. I was King John again for Beverly (as well as Northumberland in RICHARD II) and Peter Herrick assayed the role of Richard II. We beat all our previous house records!>

RECENTLY: MACBETH with such sterling alumni as:James Beaman(Macbeth), Susannah Harris (Lady Macbeth), Peter Herrick (Lennox), Jim Jack (Banquo), Patricia McNamara (Ross), Peter Richards (Malcolm), and Vanessa Vozar (Lady Macduff). I will be enacting the roles of - several assassins, the old man, and old Seyward (I think our director, Beverly,is taking some delight in assigning me characters with the moniker - "old"). First Preview was Sept. 7th and we ran through Sept. 22nd, 2007. Once again we broke all our previous attendance records!

**************** COMING UP: MISALLIANCE **************************
On July 31st I opened in G.B. Shaw's MISALLIANCE as the father, John Tarleton .We played outdoors in Central Park around a beautiful lake at 103rd St. off CPW for the New York Classical Theatre. The performances were free and on a first come first served basis. The audience moved with the actors throughout the park so there was no time for anyone to develop attention deficit disorder - Everyone was kept busy! We played til August 24th, 2008.

From MISALLIANCE I quickly segue into HENRY IV Parts 1 & 2 at Theatre Row's Clurman Theatre. The plays were done in rep from Sept. 11th thru Sept. 27th. These plays are a continuation of the events of RICHARD II in which I played Northumberland. I again played an older Northumberland as well as an assortment of characters (two of which try to arrest Falstaff and fail!) as well as the wonderfully comic role of Justice Shallow .

COMING PRODUCTION: From Oct. 9th (Preview) thru Oct.32st (yes, our last performance will be on Halloween Night) ShakespeareNYC will present KING LEAR at the Lion Theatre, 410 W. 42nd St, NYC. I will be playing The Duke of Albany (Lear's son-in-law married to his daughter - Goneril) as well as a cameo role of the Old Man (don't ask). To get full details of the production go to : (See 5th Link to ShakespeareNYC below)













A PORTION OF A REVIEW OF "Inventing Montana"




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