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Remember Sectaurs from the mid-80's? Short lived but cool, it spun off a Marvel Comic Series, a line of Action Figures, a 5 day Cartoon Mini-Series, Books, Colorforms, and more.  I hopped on the web to find sites for every other 80's cartoon series except Sectaurs.  So here you are, a compilation of everything I've managed to collect, buy, or snatch up.  I'm always open to ideas or suggestions so if you have any, click on the link at the bottom of the page. 

  Well, I am updating this from the Yahoo, HTML editor. This is the best I can do now. Well this could be interesting. I returned back home with my family in order to get employment. My debt is nearly gone and I am turning my attention back to this site. I have to do something given that Yahoo will not support this site and am looking elsewhere. I really want this site to survive if I can help it. Hope all is well with you and remember to support Sectaurs. 

Marvel Comics Sectaurs Marvel published 8 comic book issues of Sectaurs.  Click here to go to a credit page listing the people who put the comic together.  There is also  a summary and commentary written for each issue. All eight issues are done! Enjoy!
Sectaurs TV Mini-Series Episode 1 is now up. Working on Episode 2 as we speak.
Sectaurs Books Thank you ebay! Like the Comic review section, click here to go to a credit page listing a variety of books. Each listing has a link to a synopsis and commentary.  New books will be added as I get them! The Magic Gemstone is finally up and complete. Sorry about the wait.
Character Stats Unfortunately not as spectacular (pictures, in depth detail with the creators) as I would like. But it is finally up and started. I have bios of all original 8 characters and their insectoids. Trying to put together bios for the others (ie Regent Galken, Stellara, Scorpia, etc.)
Fan Fiction None yet, but click here for more information
Sectaurs Style Guide You'll never believe what I got off of ebay.  I have a copy of the original Coleco Style Guide for Sectaurs giving details on appropriate colors, stances, personas, backgrounds, etc.
Joe Del Beato artwork will be up soon.
Links to other sites Here are some links you might want to check out!


 Anything you want to see? Suggestions? Ideas? Just want to say Hi?  Click here and send me some mail!

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