Human Factors, Nuclear Power and fun in Norway
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Vegetarian recipes
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My yahoo briefcase where there are links to home photographs, CV, etc.
Trollstigen (The Troll's Ladder) by bike, May 1999 plans for 190 km mountain road ride
Vegetarian cycling food recipes- 2 new bars to try, energy drinks, etc.
Training programme for Vättern Rundan 300 km cycle tour, Sweden. Can be adapted to similar longer distance cycling events. Intended for endurance training rather than competition. Picture at completion of Vättern cycle tour 1998 (588 Kbytes). More information at Vättern Rundan cycle tour.
Recumbent cycle weights and links, with pictures (under development). This is a rough-looking but functional web version of an Excel spreadsheet. Emphasis on trikes and European lowracers. Data on weight, sit-height, price, etc. Graph of uphill speeds. Many useful links to suppliers also.
·Spoof on Local beers from Halden combined with a guide to Halden and surrounding areas (under development)
Links to other www sites
·Halden Aliens join our group searching for intelligent life. If you are not a member of the SETI project then join first.
Where I work Halden Reactor Project, Norway.
The parent company Institute for Energy Technology, Norway.
Another take on what we do Norway's environmental pressure group.
UK Ergonomics Society a professional body for 'human factors' people.
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