Tracking down old friends & workmates has become much easier with the launch of several sites whose purpose is to enable users to locate their old school, college, place of work, club etc and record their details against the time they attended.  Browsing through the names to find someone in particular is very simple.

Below are some of the sites that I have found and like to use.  No doubt there will be others, and some of these may fall away if others become more dominant.  I've added a brief comment to each one but each of them may be worth checking from time to time as many people are not even aware of these sites and may themselves only have been referred to one of them.  Some of the sites allow you to request email notification when someone new from your selected time period registers.

At present, none of the sites provide links to other competing sites so it is down to their advertising and word of mouth of their users.

If you enjoy searching these sites please pass them on to your friends.

Have fun and be warned, they can be addictive and time-consuming.  But also very rewarding if you track down a long lost friend, just be prepared to lose a few hours and don't forget to dig out your relevant photo's if you have a scanner.

If you find any other similar sites, please let me know so I can include them.

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