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Remembering You With Love on your 49th Birthday, Steve.

Thank you for visiting my tribute to the one and only Steve "Steamin'" Clark of Def Leppard. My Steve Clark In Loving Memory site is my labour of love for Steve and is created in keeping with the spirit of Steve's music and philosophy - you'd never see Steve with a flashy paint job on one of his guitars, and I don't want my site to be like that either. It may be simply styled but it's created with love... and that's all that matters to me.

Steve gave so much during his short lifetime, and he has touched millions of peoples hearts and lives. Steve Clark is my 'Guitar God' as well as being someone I admire for personal reasons. He expressed his soul through his hands and I am forever grateful to him and his music because he inspired me to pick up a guitar way back in '91. He's also inspired me in other areas of my life and, in addition to being my way of helping other people, this is my way of giving something back to him.

I created a Steve Clark website because I wanted my own tribute to him. He's a very special part of my life... always has been and always will be. I wanted to share my thoughts about Steve, show my photos of Steve and make the best website that it's possible for me to create in loving memory of him.

Those are the reasons that anyone creates a Steve website or page, but I also have another very important reason for my site's existence. I hope that through my tribute to Steve, I can raise awareness of the issues that affected him. This website is like any other with pics, info and features but there's something here that no other Steve Clark or Def Leppard website has - please be sure to take a look in the Get Informed: Mind Over Matter section as there's invaluable information in there that everyone should be made aware of, focusing heavily on depression and anxiety.

This is my first ever attempt at a website (I'm learning as I go along and I do everything - both technical and artistic - myself, so please be kind if you sign the guestbook!). My loving tribute for Steve is a work in progress - I'll be adding more as and when I'm able, so please stop by again soon to see what's new. I hope you enjoy your visit to learn all about the legendary guitarist, Steve Clark.

Steve, you are in my heart eternally. There's not a day goes by that you're not on my mind - I miss you so much, but I'm grateful that you've finally found peace. Sweet dreams, my Guitar Angel. This website is for you.

Here are the main contents of my site:
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Disclaimer: Steve Clark - In Loving Memory is an unofficial website and is in no way connected with the Clark family, Def Leppard, their record company or management. All photos are credited to the original photographer where known - I claim copyright to NO photos on my site except for the ones that are stated as my own. The information in the 'Get Informed: Mind Over Matter' section is no substitute for professional medical advice - if you have moderate to serious depression, severe stress or an alcohol problem you MUST seek advice from a qualified medical professional. That section is intended for information purposes only and to get people to go and seek the help they need if they suspect they may have a problem.

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