The LAST LAPP   Yup!  That's me - the last to carry the Lapp surname in my branch.  However, my  sisters have six children, so the bloodline continues.  I am the family genealogist,by default - or my fault,as my father would say.      I am also a researcher for the Mock Family Historian quarterly journal.
                                                                         Yours truly,   Steven Jay Lapp,  Hondo, TEXAS.
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0.Built Like a Mack Truck - Genealogy of the Mack inventors CLICK HERE

                                             1.Andrew Mock and Mocksville, North Carolina   CLICK HERE

                                             2.George and Esther MACK Family of Montgomery Co. PA - CLICK HERE

                                             3.Mennonite MACK Family (possibly related to above George MACK - CLICK HERE

                                             4.Origins of MACK and MOCK Families in Germany and Switzerland - CLICK HERE

                                             5.MAUCK Families of LAUFFEN am Neckar, Germany (Chart) - CLICK HERE

                                             6.Palatine MACK Family (from Oberalden, Germany) - CLICK HERE

7.PHOTOS: New QUIHI Cemetery, Medina County, Texas - Taken Spring 2001 (large .jpg files) STRICKLAND Grave click here

8.BEFORE Birth Photograph of Steve Lapp CLICK HERE

These are some of my ancestors. They can be found by clicking on the very top link above to my MOCK genealogy report, and opening the file DESCENDANTS OF RUDOLPH MOCK II.