Welcome to the online Portfolio of Steven Michael Waterfield BA.

Here you will find examples of my Photography, Design &Written work.

So have a look around and if you like what you see I'm available for Freelance work!

In the photography section you will find examples of my work from the past few years.

The Articles section is a showcase of my writing talent.

Design. If it's something I've been playing with it's in here!

In the Reviews section you will find reviews of all of the Movies, DVDs, CDs and shows I have seen or been to this year.

I briefly considered teaching and I might consider it again so in my Film School you will find Film related writings and essays.

T-shirts! A bit of fun really! I rarely find T-shirts with images on that I create my own now! There's no creativity in just putting any picture on a shirt, it's about finding the right one, which is what I like to do!

"That was then, Past, that was gone" - REM. In the Past you will find my old Web Site frozen in time!

This site is a constant work in progress and updated every week so come back soon!


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