Hello and Welcome to our site! We are Caitlin, 13, and Chloe, 10. The goal of our website is to chronicle our adventurous travels. This website follows us to the United Kingdom, where we were escorted by our most beautiful and knowledgeable mother, Stephanie. We started in London, England, railed to Edinburgh, Scotland (pictured above), and went further up to the lovely seaside town of Stonehaven, Scotland. We made our way back to London with a detour to York, England. We hope you browse around a bit, and be sure to check back soon. We will be sharpening the site as we go along, adding new places and pics as we trek around the world. Above left we are in the park below Edinburgh Castle, and above right we are in front of Edinburgh Castle. Check out the skyline!
Our mom loves the picture to the left. This is us in front of Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven. The water you see is the North Sea. The castle was a favorite haunt of Sir William Wallace in the 1200's, and was also where the Scottish Regalia (crown, sword, and sceptor) were hidden from Oliver Cromwell in the 1600's. Mary, Queen of Scots was fond of this castle in the 1500's, and in 1990 it was the setting for "Hamlet" starring Mel Gibson.
We suppose it's pretty obvious that this is us at Stonehenge. 'Nuff said.
Hampton Court, Henry VIII's place, down the Thames from London, in Richmond. The ill-fated Anne Boleyn resided here.
The sacked abbey of Holyrood Palace, home of Mary, Queen of Scots. The palace is still a royal residence.
The clock tower that houses Big Ben. Look closely to the left of the tower to see the London Eye, a huge
ferris wheel!
Here we are with the Royal Guard band. We are standing right in front of Buckingham Palace, which isn't visible in the picture.
Westminster Abbey.
Started by William the Conqueror, the Abbey houses many tombs. Longshanks, Elizabeth I, and Mary, Queen of Scots are a few. It's still a beautiful place of worship.
Hampton Court
Tower of London
Buckingham Palace

Dunnottar Castle

Edinburgh Castle
Holyrood Palace

Madame Tussaud's

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