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Hi, I`m Stevie Lee and thanks for visiting my Web page. I hope you enjoy finding out what Stevie Lee is all about!  And if you'd like to leave a comment, do so in my guest book.
At present...Travelling
In Future.... Be a millionaire running a computer software company and at the same time playing soccer in Europe or Asia (still hoping)
My Favoutrite soccer team is Liverpool and my favourite players are, Michael Owen, Hidetoshi Nakata, Mario Jardel and Luis Figo (not so much anymore, more like Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho.
I also like tennis, tenpin bowling, golf, swimming and PARTYING!.
I love my family and friends cause they are who i live and die for!!  Friends and family are what make the world go round so  make the most of em.  This goes out to my mum, Alice, my sisters Anne, Elesa, The Boys Arnie, Shano, Ben, Mikey, Wes, Chicka, Luke, Batty, Hani, Mark, Pete, Richard, Jason, The Youth Cosmos, Phil, Morgo, Aidan, Danny, Josef, Grady, Rade, Milsy, Kempy's, Aliffi's, Byrnie, Adzy, Dom, TB and Bish, The Suns, Bill, Tony, Thai, Dion Padna, Goran. The Girls, Anora Jenny,  Jo, Amy, Sarah, Pam, Linda, Sanny, Sally and Tian, Natasha, Carolina, Kristy, Mel, Erin, Helen, Clair, Tijana, Jodi, Lisa, Old Buddies, Gav, Micky B, Adam, John, Pete, Aaron, Napier's, Older age buddies, Micah, Victor, Milenko, Brad, Dom, The Cosmos, Matt, Phil, The Asians, Nachinda, Sunny, Chinh, The Parents, Dan, Lois, Sandy and Lorraine.  If i missed anyone sorry. But give me a call to catch up.
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Gee whiz... thought they got rid of my site years ago!  Funnily its still around.  Huge update from below, now working in London so Yes my IT career has come along way since HIC.  Currently web testing for uswitch but not for long as I'm heading back to Oz come december.  I'll add some photos and a Blog so this can be updated
I'm not even sure if ppl are viewing this anymore but I'll update it...
(2004 sometime)
Well well....  I haven't updated this for a while!  How you all doing?
I'm great, working my butt off at the HIC  these days. I've been there nearly 1 year now and its flown past!  I'm in systems testing which is basically testing computers and finding problems with them.  It is the start of my IT career and will definately be things to come

Take care and keep in touch!
Stevie Lee
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