Still Gorgeous! The Sweet Transvestite


The Sweet Transvestite

In 1998, in what can only be described as a stroke of pure genius, Tim Ferguson was cast as the evil Dr Frank 'n' Furter in Paul Dainty Australia's 25th Anniversary production of Richard O'Brian's The Rocky Horror Show.

The season commenced on the 29th July 1998, with previews from the 21st July, and ran for two months, playing at the Star City Showroom in Sydney.

"Two clean-cut love-struck American kids, Brad and Janet, are out on a date when their car beaks down in the midst of a storm. They take refuge in a spooky looking castle. With that decision they step into a brand new world of fantasy - the world of Frank'N'Furter, the mad scientist whose dress sense is somewhat suspect, to say the least. In the castle, they meet some colourful if not grotesque characters: Riff Raff, the creepy manservant of the house, his sister Magneta, and a young weirdo named Columbia. Brad and Janet are confused, yet enthralled. The motley crew invites them to do the Time Warp.

"What happens after the Time Warp changes Brad's and Janet's innocence forever. The happenings in the castle revolve around Frank'N'Furter's masterpiece, his numero-uno personality, a weird but wonderful creation named ROCKY. Rocky, Frank'N'Furter and their followers play dubious and risque games with Brad and Janet. The stage is set for some action at breakneck speed with a kaleidoscope of colourful, dazzling scenes, breathtaking transformations during which Brad and Janet somehow lose their innocence without even noticing. Fortunately, all's well that ends well. Frank'N'Furter is foiled by an arch enemy. His castle (and dignity) disintegrates and he meets his intriguingly untimely demise at the hands of Magenta and Riff Raff. Brad and Janet return to home, never quite recovering from Frank's bizarre world of fantasy, with the depth of the experience changing their lives: their innocence forever lost."

-- Paul Dainty Australia

The New Rocky Horror Show 1998 Cast

Character Actor
Dr Frank 'n' Furter Tim Ferguson
Janet Tottie Goldsmith
Brad Glenn Butcher
Riff Raff Peter Rowsthorn
Dr Frank 'n' Furter Tim Ferguson
Magenta Jennifer Vuletic
Columbia Dee Smart
Rocky Ron Reeve
Eddie/Dr (Von)Scott Wilbur Wilde
Narrator Red Symons


Year Date Title and Publication Subject
1998 31st May ROCKY ROAD TO STARDOM - Brisbane News Rocky Horror - Interview
1998 13th June TIME WARPED! - Women's Weekly Rocky Horror - Article
1998 12th July ROCKY ROAD - Sun Herald Rocky Horror - Interview
1998 20th July IT'S FISHNET FERGUSON - Woman's Day Rocky Horror - Interview


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