St Marys 8-3s Rugby League Team 2003
St Marys 7-4s 2002
Last year we had a fantastic year and made the semifinals after being placed up a division which was a huge effort. If you would like to see what we got up to last year click on the link below
If you would like to contact the team please send it to our email address
As last year we have a guest book which you are more then welcome to sign and leave your comments about the team.
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Thanks for the visit, Come back and see us soon!
As the season progesses I will be adding new things to the site every week and team photos and pictures as I get them If you have something you what to see just let me know
This year we will have our weekly awards

Man of the Match  (Most outstanding player in the game )

Player of the Week
( Most outstanding effort at training and effort in games)

Play of the Day ( best play in a game, maybe a tackle , a try , a goal , or something very special )
Like last year we will again be sponsored By Kostya Tszyu 3 Times World Boxing Champion. All the team would like to thank Kostya for the support that he has shown the team. Thank you. Just click on Kostyas logo to check out he's site !
"Its Not What you Say Your Going to Do, Its What you do that Counts"
Power ball draw finished for this season
I would like to thank everyone for their support shown for our fund raising
The Disco, What a great night  by everyone and a big special thank you to Kostya  20th July 2003
New Photos from the night
Sporting pulse site is up and running for all the results and scores
New photos !
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Semifinals Up date

New Photos from the Game

Stand by for some late breaking News about the Grand Final !
We will play our Grand Final on Saturday 6th September !