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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the most barely-decorated, barely-functional webpage in existence...and virtually the only DBZ-related page without a black background. I'm so proud...

Recent Updates

8/15--First off, thank you to all those who've e-mailed me offering support/asking what the heck happened to the site. Trust me when I say that if I did give up on it (which I won't), I'd make a general notice here on the main page; I'm just too buried in work for things to get updated very frequently. This, however, is an update (*cheers*): a further chapter to Twist of Fate--yes, I fully plan to finish Part IV--plus four new bits of fanart, three in the ToF gallery from a generous visitor, and one of mine in the Other gallery. I also changed the mailto: links, as while I can retrieve mail from my school address, I can't reply to it, which is sometimes frustrating. Again, thank you and hang in there and enjoy.

8/25--the emptiness you see is not quite what you're likely thinking: I didn't take anything down. I did, however, choose to move the vignettes to their own page, along with others I've done of series other than DBZ. Consider it a sub-page or a separate page, whichever strikes your fancy.
ALSO and more notable, I got another piece of fanart for No Man's Son! Many thanks to Little Dende; go check it out!

Notice anything new, pray tell?

That's right, new sentry. Trunks had the misfortune of coming across my outline for the end of Twist of Fate Part III and abruptly quit his job; something about principles and fair play, I dunno.

*sigh* Anyhow, I'm negotiating with Trunks, but until he gets over whatever's bugging him, Juunanagou is in charge of policing the site. That means if you try to steal my or my guest fanartist's images, he will use you for target practice.

Common decency forbids me showing an example of his skill(he has odd ideas of "fun"), but suffice it to say you don't want to give him an excuse to hurt you. Trust me on this one.

Fanfics (for shorts/vignettes and for works other than DBZ, click here.)

Twist of Fate: a new character, completely new villains(well, let's call them antagonists), and an increasingly complicated plot. I believe this will always be my work in progress...it's sure not finished yet...

No Man's Son: a more recently-undertaken work, this focuses on the life of Jeice, and what brought him to his sadly brief cameo in DBZ. There's not much of it yet; I'm adding on, slowly but steadily.

Twist of Fate--the short version: I believe this is termed "thumbnail theatre". In any case, it's a much-condensed synopsis of parts I through III, and a clear demonstration of why an author should never mingle with the characters she manipulates.


I am a compulsive doodler, and hopefully I will come up with some illustrations for the abovementioned fics. I also welcome submissions from those who care to try their hand, go ahead and e-mail them to me! Just keep it within the limits of good taste, okay(no hentai, obscene gestures, stuff like that)?

Fanart for Twist of Fate

Fanart for No Man's Son

Other Fanart: this is for all those other characters/situations which either never showed up in these fics, or just haven't yet(I'm not tellin' which). I'm going to be just a bit selfish and keep this section to myself(i.e.--no submissions for this section, please). Thanks!

Links Page: Unfamiliar with DragonBall Z? Already seen everything this page has to offer? Frantically looking for a way out? Look no further!

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