Welcome to My Site :)
Well, as you can see, this is my website... it's not the greatest thing in the world but hey, it works aight? but yeh, most of it is just pictures, which someday when i have alot of time to waste, i will get around to putting in some sort of order, but for now, fuck it. haha... well if you have any messengers, add me.... me_14@hotmail.com for msn and stokley_56178 for yahoo! thanks for stoppin by!!!!
Dazed n Confused smiley, stolen fair and square from Liz F.
silver and cold by afi -- good tune, good tune... lol
what's new jew? (no offense to anyone of jewish faith!)
yeh so P says that in here i should write "it was my birthday nah nah nah, i turned 21 nah nah nah" so yeh it was my birthday. and i did turn 21 finally. and school starts august 23rd (which is tomorrow) and i'm excited. not so much. but yeh. not much else to say in here... so i'm gonna add some new pictures to the picture pages :)
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