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I was able to put another video clip onto the VIDEOS page. I will be working on putting a few more videos. The Photo Album is another project I will be working on soon. 



HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well it has been over a year and a half since we have been home. What a life changing experience we have gone through. Life with Madison has been extraordinary to say the least. She has been filled our lives with so much joy and happiness. Our image of her has gone from the tiny baby sitting in her referral picture to a growing interactive daughter who walks, baby talks, smiles, climbs and more. A special thanks to our family, friends and Children's Home Society of Minnesota for your support to our family. We hope we have been able to share our experiences through this website and enrich your lives as Madison has for ours.

Over the next week I will be updating many photos, videos and web pages. I know I have put it off for a LONG while. But, it is after all a new year and Kim, Madison, Abby dog and I wish to share all of our experiences with you. If you are a family looking to adopt, a family who is already in the process, or a family who has adopted you will be able to share our experience from beginning through present day. It has been quite a journey, and we look forward to continuing our journey in 2003!

Below are some links, as well as a past update for some history. Press the graphic links below to go to the desired page. Enjoy!


Press here to see our China Adventure story    Small selection of video clips press here    Coming the third week in January, 2003!    Send us an e-mail

Past Update


Robbinsdale, MN, USA

We have been home since June 27th at 9:20 pm. We had an exciting adventure and many from our loving families were waiting for us when we returned home. We were happy to be home even if it were five hours late. Thanks to some nasty weather out east and lots of delays at the Detroit airport we arrived via Northwest flight 755 at 8:20. Our bags even beat us to the airport arriving on an earlier flight somehow. We are so happy to be home with Madison to begin a "normal" life. You can define normal yourselves (smile).

I will finish our China Adventure soon (Day 14 and the flight home) but I wanted to put it on another link because there is so much more to tell now that we are home. The updates won't be daily but I can give you some highlights of what we are doing. It warms my heart to hear so many kind stories about how many watched our lives unfold daily on the web pages. I certainly didn't expect it would be such a huge success.

The pages will still be here for all to view but I am working on freshening the web site with more pictures of Madison and family now that we are home. Please feel free to check out the China Adventure link that depicts our story as it happened in China just weeks ago. Also, please check out any new sections including a video section I am posting. Most of the videos are approximately 5 megs per clip so if you have a dial-up connection it may take a little while to download them. Trust me they are worth it though.














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