Still here.
I know it's been a while, but i'm still trying to get more songs done which will be available soon.
More on Number One
The first disc is now available at CdBaby,
Round Too (9 down 2 to go)
Almost done on this second demo, it's taken awhile but all i need to do now is come up with two more songs and this next installment will be ready to go. A quick note about the first one, soon copies will available for purchase through CDBaby. So check back for the link.
Round Too (the continuing saga)
Round Too is coming along slower then before, is getting hard to find the time to get these things done lately. Hopefully soon I'll find some more time to do a whole bunch in one session. On the plus side i have managed to get the 6th installment done and as usual snippets of those songs are available in the sounds section.
Round Too
I've decided to keep going and start recording some more tunes, mainly older stuff thats been sitting around doing nothing and gathering dust.
I have completed three already which are available to download in the sounds section.

Finally Done:
I'm finally Snippets of the songs are available in the sounds section.
Slowly Getting there:

I finally have six demos done(takes awhile when you have to play everything), which are available for download in the sounds section.
almost have enough for a record, still have a couple more to do.
And thanks go out to those MWT'ers who have given me their feedback.
Nudge is in the process of recording a demo single to try and find a market for the material, either to get people to help me or to have others  release my stuff.

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