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I created this site for my intense feelings against abortion. In my opinion abortion equals murder. I ask you, before you get defensive about your position, look over what I have to offer, say, and provide. Look over it with an open, loving mind, and when you are done, ask yourself this: "Is it really MY choice to make?" Thanks!

Abortion doesn't make you "UN" pregnant, it makes you the parent of a DEAD baby!

I wrote a poem I would like to share with you. I was inspired
after I found out what happens to these poor babies.

Jeremiah 1:5 ~ Before I formed thee in the womb
I knew thee; and before thou camest
out of the womb I sanctified thee...

"A Mother's Bond"

I love my mommy very much,
To life she holds the key.
I wouldnít change her for the world.
She has chosen to have me.

Only a few more weeks and,
In my mommyís arms Iíll be.
Iíll feel the love; Iíll feel the warmth,
As sheíll be holding me.

Iíll be given the chance,
To learn right from wrong.
To live, to love, to blossom;
To grow up big and strong.

Right now I am so comfy.
I am so safe and warm,
As mommyís body shields me.
But, I canít wait to be born.

I guess my mommy canít wait either,
For sheís trying to get me out.
Oh good, she wants to hold me.
This is what lifeís about.

Okay mommy, here I come.
I canít wait to see you.
To feel the love and warmth youíll give,
As life you take me through.

Boy, you must want me now.
Somethingís got my leg.
Itís pulling and it hurts a bit,
Hurry, please I beg.

Looks like Iíll come into this world
Feet first, but thatís Okay.
Iím almost out, I feel the air.
I have dreamed about today.

Ha Ha, You do love me,
For youíve sent your Cadillac.
It looks very, very shiny.
3 more inches, no turning back.

Ouch, Ouch that hurts!
Now I am starting to get scared.
I canít cry out for help yet.
Whereís the bond we shared?

Please just get me out of here,
That thing, it hurts my head.
I hear a noise, itís getting near.
Mommy, Iím scared, I said.

Is it supposed to hurt this much?
Whereís that bond we share?
Iím crying, Iím scared, Iím terrified.
ďMOMMY, I Lov.....Ē

    ~ © Connie Reed 1998

Psalm 139: 13, 16 ~ ... you knit me together in my mothers womb. (16) your eyes say my unformed body...

What I am now about to say is going to be graphic. The poem is written for a child whose mother has decided to have a Partial Birth Abortion. Now abortion is something I am against regardless; however, that is something that I feel will always be around. Yet this particular abortion is so much more vulgar and cruel. This abortion is a late term Abortion, which means they use this ďprocedureĒ for pregnancies over 4 Months, usually 6 or 7, and in some cases even in the ninth month. Right now it is only supposed to be used for medical emergencies. But what most people donít know is there is a loophole that says that Depression or emotional well being is considered a medical emergency, so still this abortion is used for convenience. I canít see a medical emergency that would be cause enough for this type of abortion, seeing that the baby is nevertheless born naturally, the only difference is it is dead.

For those of you who donít know what is involved in a Partial Birth Abortion, I will explain the procedure. Once again, this is very graphic. Literally the only difference between Homicide and a PBA is 3 inches, LITERALLY. The person who calls himself a doctor (in their oath they agree to help the patient and save lives) puts a pair of tongs up in the mother and grabs the babyís leg. They pull the baby out, till the legs and arms (the entire body) are exposed, except for the head. So the baby is pretty much born. Just the head to go. But because the head isnít out yet, they consider it not worthy to live. Then next step is to jam a pair of scissors into the babyís head (skull), while still in the motherís body. Usually this is when the baby flinches with pain and being startled. The abortionist then proceeds to open the scissors, while in the head, to make the hole enlarged. Then, he uses a high-powered vacuum (cleaner), to suck the brains out of this innocent life. The skull collapses and then they proceed to bring the (dead) child into this cruel world. Now there have been plenty of children born prematurely and survive, so you know this child was alive and very much felt pain. Now it is proven that the anesthesia that they give the mother, so she doesnít feel pain (ha now thereís justice), has little or no affect on the baby, so this innocent child feels every second of it. And lastly, if that baby were to accidentally pop out, the same doctor, that was just about to murder that child, would have to do everything in his power to save it. Isnít that ironic? If it is a medical emergency, why not induce labor and bear the child (since they have to do that anyway) alive, and at least give that child a fighting chance. Medical experts have agreed there is no medical reason to kill a child that is already almost born. Congress passed a law, stopping this, however, our Christian President (Clinton) vetoed it. Please, I implore that you write letters to the President, to your Senator, to the HoR, and to Senate, to get this particular abortion (if no others) outlawed. Tell them Clinton was wrong! Please, Please, let's change this law.

How it is done (Click on Image to see enlarged photos): Murder

This picture is an actual picture of the feet of a 10 week old (murdered) baby.

No socks or shoes,
shall ever be worn.
From your mother's womb
You were selfishly torn.
~ Connie Reed

E-mail Pres., Vice Pres., and First Lady:

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E-mail your senator: Pennsylvania
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Go HERE to find the senator in your state.

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This baby is 7 weeks old. Notice those eyes staring at you, moments before they go dead. I wonder if she's asking "Why did you do this to me." How can you look at her, and tell her she's not worthy of life, that she isn't a baby yet? She was aborted using a Hysterotomy abortion. To find out more, follow the link below.


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This site respects life! Abortion is Not A Choice!

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