Candidate Guide

            Welcome to Storm Fires Weyr. So you're new here and would like to bring in a candidate? This guide will show you what steps you should take to get your character settled in the Weyr and the basic things that all candidates should know at either Weyr.

            1. The first step is to have your character Searched. If you don't want to do this right away, it is perfectly permissible to write for them while they are in their home environment before their Search and gives people a good idea of who your character is before they get there. To be Searched, there are two ways to go about it. You can either:

              • Have your character Searched by one of our NPCs, or Non-Played Characters. All of our NPC Searchriders are noted on our webpages, just pick one and write the Search yourself. Or...

              • If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can contact one of our PCs, or Played Characters, to Search you. These characters will be noted as Searchriders on the dragonrider pages and will have an e-mail address so that you can contact the player of this character and do a co-post with them for your Search.

            2. So now your character has been Searched, but what do they do once they arrive at the Weyr? A candidate's first stop at either Weyr should always be in the kitchens to find the person in charge of the lower caverns. At Storm Fires that is Headwoman Aileen, played by Meagan, or Headman Payton, an NPC. You can find either individual's description on the Lower Caverns page. Once again, you have some options on how to do this. You can:

              • Have your NPC Searchrider escort you to him/her.

              • Ask your PC Searchrider to escort you to him/her.

              • Wait around in the Weyrbowl in the hopes that someone will take pity on your character and escort them to the Headman or Headwoman. I've never seen this fail.

              • Ask for directions and have your character find their own way there.

            3. Now that you've found Headwoman Aileen or Headman Payton, he or she will assign your candidate chores. If you choose Headman Payton, you can make up whatever chores you want him to give your candidate, and if you choose Headwoman Aileen you can email Meagan offlist to let her know what chores you want for them. Chores may include: Cleaning latrines, ash pits, and middens, general record keeping, care, maintenance, filing, kitchen and dining hall duties, casting cookware, making and washing clothes, cleaning barracks, helping in the creche with the children, tending flocks and herds, helping in the Dragon Infirmary and Infirmary, helping elderlies, helping crafters, or whatever skill your character is good at that may help in some way.

            4. The next step is to get the tour of the Weyr, and Aileen or Payton can either see to this task themselves or, if they are busy, ask your escort or anyone nearby to give your candidate the tour.

            5. Pick out a weyr. Every candidate has a weyr, and here we get to chose which one we want for them. No girls and boys together though. Check out the map pages of each Weyr to figure out which weyr you would like for your candidate. At Storm Fires, all candidates room together on the first floor in the orange marked rooms numbering from C-1 to C-28. Have your candidate add their name to the door cards, as each candidate has to signify that they are in that room. There can be up to four candidates to a room. Congratulations, you're settled!

            Important Notes:

            • This is an excellent time to get your character out there and show everyone what they're made of. If you do a good job, you may just Impress the BoD into giving you your choice of dragon color.

            • All candidates should come with at least three sets of clothes. One for everyday, one for heavy work, and one dress set. If they do not have them when they come, the Weyr will supply them, as well as footwear. The Weyr will also provide all candidates with their white Impression robe and a pair of sandals.

            • All candidates have lessons at the discretion of their respective Candidate Masters and their assistants. The Candidate Master at Storm Fires is the NPC Brown rider L'ral. If you have any questions that you want to know, feel free to start up a SL where your candidate is in class with L'ral, and another member will step in to play him. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

            • Candidates are not allowed onto the Hatching Grounds unless they are accompanied by the queen's rider or a Candidate Master. If you want to play out your character visiting illicitly, that is okay, but be prepared to have your candidate yelled at if they are caught. Not to mention that the queenriders usually take up residence in the Hatching Grounds during this time and whichever queen is in the Hatching Grounds might decide to take matters into her own talons should she think your candidate is too close.

            • When the hatching hum begins, all candidates are to bathe quickly and get into their candidate robes and sandals. They will then meet at the entrance to the Hatching grounds and wait until a Candidate Master tells them that it is alright for them to go out on the sands, at which time they will form a loose semi-circle around the eggs.

            • Candidates are not allowed to have a flitter below the age of two turns old. It is simply too much work to take care of a baby flitter and a dragonet at the same time, so this is a rule that the Weyrleaders have put out.

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