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A Word From Stormie:
Homemade Fly Spray

3 tablespoons Eucalyptus Oil
1/2 cup Hair Conditioner (Suave works best)
1/2 cup Baby Oil
1/2 cup Skin So Soft (optional)
1 cup Pine Sol (original formula)

Fill the remainder of a 32 oz bottle with water.
Natural Insect Repellent

1/2 cup Citronella
1/2 cup Mineral Oil
1/2 cup Cider Vinegar
3 cups Distilled Water

Mix together and shake well.  Spray body of horse and wipe on face with cloth.  Do not get into eyes.
Dawn Fly Spray

15 oz Water
5 oz Commercial Fly Spray (any Brand)
5 oz Vinegar
2 oz Vegetable Oil
2 oz Green Dawn dish soap

Mix and use.
Skin So Soft Fly Spray

1 oz Citronella Oil
2 oz Skin So Soft or Coat So Soft
1 cup Cider Vinegar
1 cup Water

Mix in a 20 oz Spray bottle
This is a section that I did not want to put on the site.  I did because I wanted this site to be a place where we can freely share all equine related recipes, not just ones I like.  Personally I do not like many of the fly spray recipes.

1. Some of them have ingredients like Pine Sol, which is toxic and was never ment to be used on an animal that will lick and bite on itself.  It was never meant to be on skin for a period of time.
2. Soap, wither it is dish soap or shampoo will dry out the coat and skin if left on.
3.  I have seen some horses break out from some homemade fly sprays, even if they had no toxic ingredients.  You always need to test a recipe on a small area of the horse before you apply it to the whole body.
4. In my area most of these recipes do not work well enough to pass my tests.  I have had much better luck with store bought sprays then homemade sprays and in many cases the store bought is cheaper!.

Remember to TEST the recipe on EACH horse before you apply it.  While I have tested some of these recipes I have not tested all due to my opinion of them being toxic and my allergies to some ingredients in them.  This is a
use at your own risk site, I give no guarantees.
Lemon Fly Spray

500ml (2 cups) light Mineral Oil
125 ml (1/2 cup) Lemon Juice
10 ml (2 teaspoon) Citronella Oil
10 ml Eucalyptus Oil
10 ml Lemon Dish Soap
125 ml Glycerin (optional)

Mix in a spray bottel and spray away!  An easy do it yourself fly spray that is relatively inexpensive.  This spray attracts dust so do not use it before a show.
Eucalyptus Fly Spray

1 tablespoon Eucalyptus Oil
1-2 tablespoons Citronella Oil
1 tablespoon Camphor Oil
1/3 - 1/2 cup Hair Conditioner
1/3 - 1/2 cup Baby Oil
1 cup Pine Sol (original formula)

Fill remainder of 32 oz. bottle with water.  If you decide to play with the recipe, remember that you must have an emulsitier to break down the oils.  Mis the ingredients into a solution and enable you to spray this as a fine mist.  Pine Sol as a lot of emulsitier, the hair conditioner has some too.

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 cup Water

Mix and wipe or spray on horse.
Spider Repellant for the barn or house


Mix Lysol and water.  The mixture does not have to be very strong.  Wash down walls, ect.  One application should last all season.
Oils that Repel Insects

Try mixing some of these in with your fly mixes.  Peppermint oil, Cintranella, Lemon Grass, Pennyroyal(fleas), Tea Tree Oil(ticks, leeches, and lice), Lavender.
Fly Trap

3 cups Water
1/4 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Vinegar

Mix ingredients.  Place in a jar or can with holes in the lid.  Place were needed.
Plants that Repel Insects

Flying insects
Bay Leaves
Lemon Basil
Shoo-Fly Plant

Fleas and Ticks
Fleabane Daisy
Roll- On Fly Repellant

Mix your favorite homemade fly repellant or use your favorite store bought kind and put in an empty clean roll-on deodorant bottle.
Email Stormie
Amish Fly repellent

Use De-lice and springle on topline, lasts 2-3 weeks.
Fly Spray for Horse and Human

3 oz Skin So Soft
1 oz Citrnela Oil (Health Food Store)
12 oz White Vinegar
12 oz Water

Mix in gallon jug and wipe or spray on.
Fly Spray

1 part Dawn
2 parts Apple Vingar
1 part Water
2 tsp per qt of Liquid Vick

Put down in last and don't shake.