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Good News, Everybody!

Thanks to some initiative from Ray, I made my way down to Campus Video today. Had a talk with the new management and we worked out some nifty deals. We've set up a partnership of sorts with them that will be mutually beneficial. Campus Video has the goal of obtaining the largest anime library in Central Texas. This is good because they're a close, readily available source of anime for us. Also, in exchange for our link exchange and some other stuff, they have agreed to give all paying Baylor Anime Club members a special card that will give you a 10% discount on your rentals! More on this will be coming soon. We don't have the cards quite yet, but we'll be getting them soon. Look for more information here in the near future! :-D

Oh, and in regards to point standings, we have all the point information, but Blake has some tests this week so we haven't been able to update yet. That will be coming in the near future too.


- Justin
- 10/21/2004

Updates at Last!

Finally, Blake and I had enough time to get all this stuff updated. Points are now updated and are accurate. Also, you'll notice a link on the left to the information on how to get points as well as how to spend points and what you can spend them on.

- Justin
- 9/29/2004

Blake's Update

Did you know the average fish today contains more Mercury than a rectal thermometer? Would you eat rectal thermometer? ... I would. Mmmm, Mercury, sweetest of the Transition Metals.

- Blake
- 9/29/2004

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