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The Windows 2002 Preview Page

We are proud to present you the first top secret preview snapshots of Microsoft Windows 2002. (Windows and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.)

Please do not re-distribute this page or tell anybody about this page - it's a really top secret one!

What we first noticed about with the first snaps of the famous Windows 2002 is the variety of new icons that make working with Windows much more easier than in the last millenium. For example, there is a paint it black button to erase the screen: no more waiting for the screen saver, that earns a lot of time - and money, too.

Right beside the paint it black button you find four user definable and two plus one predefined buttons. "A" to "D" are by default connected to the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Sentence 2002 (formerly Word for Windows), Microsoft Multiply (the former Excel), and Microsoft Truckracing. If any of these components are not installed, the respective button will not operate and a message box appears instead of starting the desired application.

In fact, the predefined buttons can be user defined, too, but only by making several entries in the new Registry Value Enhanced Generation (Revenge). The < button shoots the active window out of the left side on the screen, the > button does the same with the right side. The button on the extreme right, at last, sends an email to and says that there have occured some problems using the application.

For better information and Internet connection, every standard windows 2002 application has an Internet, a Mail, and an FTP menu; in the following picture, to the very right on the menu bar you can see "information without demand", the new strategy of Bill Gates: several sponsors of Windows 2002 can place here short messages with e.g. the latest sports news or any interesting web site urls.

Snapshot: The new Windows 2002 Editor

When a menu is opened within Windows 2002 there is a new experience (see snapshot below). Animation and 3D effects took place in the new generation of the famous operating system. And if you have the Microsoft 3D hyperintellimouse (trademark), you can doubleclick the blinking menu item text in the moment when it appears in yellow color. But you don't need to.

Snapshot: The new experience with animated menus

But let's go into some details.

Starting Windows 2002

First of all, when you start Windows 2002 (which internally operates as a 130 bits system, i.e. 128 bits as usual plus 2 control bits for security) you see a brand new start, program, and management bar (the so called "spam bar") at the bottom of the screen as shown in the picture below.

Snapshot: The new start, program, and management bar

Netscape now!

At a first glance, the user notices the "Learn" button. Intensive research at the Microsoft laboratories and hundreds of user polls have shown that most of the Windows users do not really understand what they do. Besides the fact that the programmers in the same way very often do not know what they do but in addition know that the users do not know what they do, it's a great improvement to have an extensive online tutorial "Where, When, Why, and How to use Windows 2002". that can be activated pushing the "Learn" button, and all you need is a permanent internet connection and a mail account by one of the providers, or

Then, when the user is experienced with clicking at the mouse once, twice and three times, he can begin work by pressing the traditional start button. Because everybody in the world has used Windows 98 (except of some Maori tribes in New Zealand and the leading politicians in Germany and the United Kingdom), the label of the good old start button has been reduced to only the well known Windows logo. As a novelty, there are only Microsoft applications you can start with the start button; all other applications, if any, have to be launched using the reanimated File Manager. (maybe you can ask your grandfather if he can tell you more about it; File Manager has been shipped at last with Windows 3.)

As you can see in the snapshot above, like within the old Windows 98 (almost) every active application is represented by an icon on the spambar. But programs that come from other companies than Microsoft will be shown with a slightly smaller icon. (Indeed, this is no problem, as in the last three years Microsoft has grown further and today it owns Novell, Symantec, Oracle, SAP, Samuel Fuller's Software-Studio, and IBM (together with Lotus) as well.

We all know that times have changed, and we are common with the fact, that visiting a web site can be expensive! But Windows 2002 assists us with a wide range of utilities. When surfing with SEX (the new System EXplorer), you can inspect your local disks as well as the internet (earth based, so called world wide web) or the galaxynet (including some areas of the moon, mars, and the mobile microsoft satellites as well). On the spambar, the icon of SEX shows you the costs for visiting the actual net address. And to the very right of the spambar, where good old Windows 98 displayed the time, you can see the accumulated cost of all your online activities since the last reboot of Windows 2002. (Of course, the prices shown are given in the local currency the user has configured in the Control Pad Manager, CPM.)

Below the accumulated cost display you can read "Status: OK". When using Windows 2002, one has to become an MLC, a Microsoft Lifetime Customer, and as such one has an account at the International Bank of Microsoft (IBM). And "Status: OK" shows the information that there is enough money (still)...

There is one button left on the spambar: "Again". Using this you can repeat really anything that happened on your Windows 2002 system. Maybe you did not understand the last five error message boxes, with "Again" you can see and read them again and again, and maybe once you will understand them!

Utilities bundled with Windows 2002

In former years, some fools tried to break the brave and honored Microsoft Corp. in pieces. They wanted to separate Windows from the integrated Internet Explorer (you remember?), they tried to force Microsoft to publish the source code of the old Windows 98 or Windows NT.

But those days are gone. Microsoft holds 99.23% of the desktop and 92.4% of the client-server-market, the midrange computers belong to Microsoft as well. The bugs in Netscape's Navigator 7.05a have been the final countdown for that browser, and today we all are very happy to use the latest edition of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, shortly called "the browser".

In this section we want to show you some of the utilities that come with Windows 2002 (at no extra charge).

Snapshot: Microsoft Internet Explorer 2002 - "the Browser"

Not much to say about the Internet Explorer 2002; it has all the features that the IE7 had, plus some brand new features: for example, AHR, the acoustic health recognition (sound card and microphone required). AHR listens to you when you are sitting at your desktop and feeling ill. In that case, the AHR manager background task automatically sends an urgent mail to hospital@microsoft.glob, the galaxy wide service which coordinates the doctors and hospitals in our galaxy.

Ihr individueller Kennzeichenhalter

Another, more esoteric feature of the new browser (in fact user configurable) is the Horoscope Control System / Personal Opinion Control System (HOCOS/POCOS). Here every user can tell his or her browser only to load pages that have the Microsoft-specific <META NAME="ASTRO" VALUE="...">-tag with values that suit to the individual horoscope. Similar, one can sketch personal opinions with up to 500 keywords, and the browser looks for the (Microsoft-specific) tags <META NAME="MS-PERSONALOPINION" VALUE="..."> and <META NAME="MS-PERSONALDATABASE" VALUE="...">, respectively.

An especially nice feature in the new Internet Explorer (don't tell anyone!): when you triple click the Bill Gates icon to the right a page with the latest speeches and thoughts of Him will be loaded.

The former Task Manager has been face lifted as well, now it is the Background Task Manager (BaTMan), and it fulfills many more tasks than in earlier times. Especially, it takes care of all non-microsoft-applications and sends a warning to nonconformapps@microsoft.glob if there are more than ten percent of non ms-apps running.

Snapshot: BaTMan at work

We have mentioned it before, the old Control Panel has been replaced by CPM, the Control Pad Manager 2002. CPM helps you getting help from Microsoft (see picture below).

Snapshot:: CPM, the new Control Pad Manager

The new 3D feature that comes with Windows 2002 is very nice. Application windows you don't use for the moment simply can be "laid down" (by triple clicking the mouse on one of the < or > buttons). (See separate snapshot.)

Configurable by the user, like most of the new features of Windows 2002, one can decide to get the message boxes with 3D perspective.

Snapshot: The new message boxes with 3D perspective

The Shutdown of Windows 2002

There are several reasons for shutting down Windows 2002. One is, you are too tired for working or playing. Another is your financial situation. As mentioned above, you have to be online almost every time, and the spambar tells you about your monetary situation.

When your IBM account (you remember?) runs zero, the spambar looks like this.

Snapshot: The spambar when you have to log out

In this example the user has to log out because his $ 975.33 have been used and he has to refill his IBM account. No matter which button you select, you will be logged out.

Snapshot: Shutting down Windows 2002

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