Andrea's Story (Brenda's Daughter)
A Story of Spirit
Brenda Cupelli was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, in the spring of 1999.  This is a web page devoted to her story and the story of those who love her.
          Brenda's story will be brought to this web page in installments.

     More coming soon in memory of Brenda...
    thank you for your patience.

     Don't forget to support your local ALS Society!!!
Brenda's Story - Parts One and Two
Brenda Cupelli - May 18th 1947 - September 23rd 2001
Western Wheel Articles
Santo's Story (Brenda's Husband)
Writing and Notes from Friends
Photo Album
Tara's Story (Brenda's Daughter)
Brenda's Run for ALS
Writing and Notes from Friends Part II
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