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Written by Matthew King. The Author of the Matthew King Simplified Bible, and
The Legend Of Michael The Archangel.

It officially started in 1995 when God ran a man through the pagan mystery of Bacchus and the modern pagans were unable to complete their Ritual Sacrifice. If you were wondering what became of the NEW WORLD ORDER, that was it. The Freemasons, bankers, and Foundations will never rule the Earth. Lucifer was also removed from his old job of being an Archangel, thus completing his fall from grace.

A new Noah's Ark has been built- a little Book -that I would suggest that you get on. Basically it says to Love God, Love your Neighbor, and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

As for Lucifer, what has become of him? What you need to remember is that with either God or the Devil; everything begins in the spirit world. That is why people sacrifice to idols, to gain access to and to start things in the spirit realm-even if they are gaining access to the wrong kind or worst kind of spirit. Even for the hypocrate who is trying to pass himself off as a "Godly" or "Spiritual" man, they are still trying to propitiate invisible idols by selling their neighbors and by stabbing the righteous in the back. Anything for Zeus right? Well, Zeus is dead and so is the Great goddess Diana. Which brings us back to Lucifer, where is he? He has been sealed inside a Dragon and is in Paris, France in the spirit world where he will remain until the trumpet blows. That is why he is not coming to lead to New World Order. That also means that the Welfare State and Abortion is also dead. If you call yourself a Christian and you feel that it is your duty to defend the status-quo,for whatever reason, you will find yourself on the wrong side one day. God will not compromise with the Devil for you. And trying to throw a monkey wrench into God's plan for this planet because you want things to continue as they are ( Supposedly so that your kids and grand-kids can have a future), is no more than trying to either delay God's judgement of sinners, or trying to stop it entirely. If that is the way you feel about things then you are no more than a little-g god. Refer back to the little book.

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So, what does Michael the Archangel have to do with the plan of salvation? Something or nothing? The world and the Devil would like you to think that he is not involved at all. No, he did not and will not die for anyones sins. That was accomplished by Jesus Christ on the cross,and the resurrection from the dead. But, he is the Porter or Doorkeeper that Christ mentions in His parables. He is also the angel that rolled the stone away from the entrance of Christ's tomb and then he sat on that stone. And he didn't sit on that stone because he was tired. Christ said that "I have not come to judge the world, but to save it". So then, who is the judge? The angel sitting on the stone.

The reason that Michael the Archangel sat on the stone was to make it his throne; because he is also Melchisedec, which means the King of Righteousness. He earned that name by single-handedly casting the Devils' rebellion from Heaven back down to Earth. Some authors such as Milton and others have written long-winded stories of great battles of angels with swords and weapons,that is totally baseless. God had no enemies and there was no death, therefore there were no weapons at all to use against each other. Can I prove that to be true? Easy! If an army cast the Devil from Heaven,then an army would have had to roll away the stone. Prove that? Don't mind if I do.

Caesar's claim to fame at the time, was to call himself Emperor; a god-king. The stone that sealed Christ in the tomb had seven of his seals on it and it was guarded by soldiers. To break that seal-or to allow that seal to be broken- was a death sentence. Caesar had proved that he was king enough to kill an innocent man. But is he god enough to kill a guilty one? So who do you send to break the seals? Someone who even the Devil was not even god enough to kill, namely Michael the Archangel.

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ISAIAH Chapter # 55 Verses # 8 & 9
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

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