Fantasy Warplay: Thalandier
The lands of Thalandier are ancient ones. The mighty Thalan Empire ruled for thousands of years. Then the Rain of Fire came from the skies, destroying the mighty empire and plunging the world into chaos. Now, five hundred years later, adventurers are striking out to make a name for themselves and to recover the lost treasures of the Thalan Empire. Will you gain fame and fortune, or will you simply be another corpse in the lands of Thalandier?
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Minds Eye Theater: Burning Roses
In the city, the Elders rule. However, theirs is a troubled reign. Anarchs seek to overthrow the established leaders of the city, and the threat of Sabbat attacks is always present. Which side will you join? Will you be a powerful Elder, ruling a portion of the city? Or will you rage against the machine as an Anarch and establish your own rule? Remember that the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and in the city, roses are always burning brightly.