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Thalandier is a Live Action RolePlaying (LARP) game using "boffer" weapons to simulate combat in a fantasy-style world. Simple rules for magic exist, and combat is extremely streamlined for ease of play. Games are usually fast and exciting, but provide pleanty of opportunities for roleplaying. Please note that these games are Family Friendly, and members as young as 8 are encouraged to play!

For how to play in the world of Thalandier, click HERE and download the RuleBook! And a special thank you to
Christopher Melville and all of his players for starting what will one day become legend!

The Thalan Empire existed for thousands of years. Its rulers ruled with an iron hand, forcing its serfs to work under harsh conditions. Slavery existed, with slavery for life being a common punishment for almost all crimes (with execution by soul-stealing weapons known as Morganti being a very close second). The world was a Mageocracy, with spellcasters being the ruling class. The Guilds protected their members as best they could, but the harsh laws frequently stepped on the guilds toes (and usually cut them off in the process). The Emperor Thalan was a deathless Necromancer, building his army out of the innocents that were unfortunate enough to die owing debts to the empire. In this way his army continued to grow, and he was able to invade nearby kingdoms and sieze their terratory. Terror was the order of the day for over a thousand years.

The Rain of Fire:
One day, fire bagan to rain from the sky. Flaming chunks of rock started to fall on the cities of the empire, destroying everything they hit. Thousands died in the Rain of Fire, but thanks to the powers of the emperor, the Holy Imperial City remained untouched. Over a period of a week the onslaught continued. It is said, however, that the emperor could not keep up his protection of the Holy Imperial City. A huge ball of fire hit the city directly,
destroying it utterly. Over the next month, a cloud of darkness enveloped the lands, bringing a multi-generational winter and almost wiping out all life. It was only by the narrowest of chances that life continued, with those living taking up barbarous lifestyles in order to survive.

It is 500 years after the Rain of Fire and the destrustion of the Thalan Empire. The winter has receeded and life has begun to emerge. Small towns have been built by the peoples of the lands, and a new way of life has started. Guilds have been formed, and they now protect their members from the terrors of the world. Those terrors are now vast, however. The monsters that were kept at bay by the old empire are now free to attack at their whim, and the towns are frequently fortified by large stone walls. The walking dead also exist to destroy the living, former members of the old emperor's vast army still plying their horrible trade. Not all is darkness, however. Bold adventurers set out from the towns, seeking to uncover the lost treasures of the Thalan Empire and slay those creatures that would seek to destroy the innocent. You are one of these brave heros. Will you uncover an ancient cache of magic and weapons? Will you slay the walking dead? Only your sword and your strength of will can determine that.