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| Allen Iverson Shoes
A lot of big NBA players have signed contracts with brands....Jordan, with Nike, Kobe with Adidas, and who signed up with REEBOK?
Well, REEBOK went after the man Steve Francis. But there is another playa with Reebok, which mothers and the media love to hate..: ALLEN IVERSON.
This page will be giving you the latest on Allen Iverson shoes, the pics, the videos, the ads, and more.......

| - how it began? - |
Just as Nike recruited Jordan, Reebok have bought almost a better player to show some competition with the leading shoe retailers. Reebok recruited Iverson which guarantees the player $4 Million Dollars over 5 years time. Reebok have had a huge success selling, and designing Iverson shoes. The "Questions" went onto be the most selling Reebok shoes in Reebok history.
In my opinion, I think Iverson is the reason Reebok got rid of 99 MVP Shaq.

Approxiamately, Reebok sells 2 Iverson shoes a season
1. The Question
2. The Answer
And they come in huge range, low-cuts, and variety of nice colours.

| - latest AI #3 Shoes - |
Latest Iverson Shoes:

More info, and more colours, and more types of shoes will be added soon. But for the latest colour, and info on the shoes. click here to take you to Reebok.com, and u can also order them there $109 US, that's like $200 AUS Dollars. Have a look at the blue print of the latest shoes of Iverson: Courtesy to Aiplayground.cjb.net
Click on the image to refresh the size.
Playoff Shoes
Shoe company Reebok have released new Iverson shoes - "Answer IV".
These shoes are being used by Ai#3 in the playoffs....that's why they were made...so i call them playoff answers.....anyway.....i don't like them much compared to his old shoes
They will be released in 2 cuts with 2 different color combinations in each.
Release Dates :-
White & Blue - Oct
All-Black - Nov
Low Cut Red - Feb
Low Cut White - Mar
Answer IV
Shoe company Reebok have released new Iverson shoes - "Answer IV".
They will be released in 2 cuts with 2 different color combinations in each.
Release Dates :-
White & Blue - Oct
All-Black - Nov
Low Cut Red - Feb
Low Cut White - Mar
Like the previous versions it uses DMX technology. The shoes are very smooth and with simple cuts and has a hidden lace system. The suggested retail price is $115US for the mid-cuts and $100 for the low cuts. If you have a look closely at the sole, you can see Iverson's picture on it. 


Previous Iverson shoes:

Answer III
These are one of the more simpler Allen Iverson's "The Answer" shoes. But they look a little bit more sporty, and classy.

Question II Low 1998
Reebok has leased the new Iverson's Question II shoe in a low-cut. The release was probably because low cuts are in now and very popular as street wear

Answer II 1998
These shoes are very similar to the structure used in the previous version (Answer I), but has no hidden laced system.

Question II 98
This version was re-released by Reebok, with slight changes made to the structure, comfortability, and design.

Answer I 97
In his second season Reebok released the second series of Iverson shoes called the Answer.The shoes uses a hidden lace system

Question I 96
Iverson's first shoes were called The Question based on his nickname: The Answer. He wore this in his rookie season. These were the most sold Reebok shoes sold. They are unlike the other shoes, very simple

The above information on Allen Iverson has been collected by many sources such as ESPN, Iverson.cjb.net, Footlocker.com, and Nba.com...so don't fukkin ask me for any info.
| - AI#3 shoes multimedia - |
The following pictures of AI's shoes, but in better quality, and 1:1 scale...so enjoy the pics.

L a r g e
Answer IV Blue

Answer IV Black

Answer III Red

Answer III Black

Answer III Blue



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