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This, my friends, is the place to strip and get stripped. Welcome.

I'm devoting this page to real stories of stripping in front of members of the opposite sex and fantasies about stripping in front of members of the opposite sex, or being stripped by members of the opposite sex.

Byron can be contacted at

To check out a list of references to stripping scenes in film and literature, go to the REFERENCES PAGE

My stories can be found as follows:

We have a chat room reserved for a discussion of stripping and can be found at the CHAT ROOM.

We also have a PERSONALS PAGE at which I would encourage everyone to leave any personals ads.

I would encourage all of you who submit stories below to also place a copy of the story at theSTORY PAGE so the story can be preserved for a longer period of time.

And this is the DISCUSSION PAGE which will serve as an additional place to post.

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