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Welcome to Stunning Faces of America's Jackpot Contest. So far we only have 3 entrants in the March/April contest!
If we do not receive more entries by April 25th we will have to continute the contest through May also.
Remember, the more who enter the more you win.
If you reffer someone here and they enter I will award you a five dollars off coupon towards the next contest.
Send in those entries so we can award winners!

This contest will be held open for entries untill we receive at least 14 entrants. We are having major problems with a lack of people entering and we need a certain amount of entrants to hold a jackpot contest. Send in those entries! As soon as we get 14 or more contestants we will close for judging and accounce winners.

Cassandra's mom please e-mail me.
Keira's mom, your photos will be posted shortly.