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Jason and Angie McConnell
        November 1999
We first met each other over the internet in April of '98 and talked to each other over the phone for two months.  We finally decided to meet each other at Carowinds in June of '98 and you can guess what happened ever since then.   We got married May 8th, 1999 and we now reside at Vandenberg AFB in California.. We currently have 2 dogs.  We plan on having children in the near future.
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I would like to ask everyone to go to jefffgordon.com and you will find a link where you can buy the wrist bands to support the Hendrick Marrow program. The website tells you all about the charity. Thanks for all your support.
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Our thoughts and prayers are with our military who are fighting for our country and freedom. God bless and be with our couragous  brave men & women.
Please support all of our military members, including those not active in the war. As they all are doing a part in helping our country.