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This below tells what each link on the left goes to and shows.  Be sure to read this below before clicking away...:

Message Board- Post Questions to have other people answer them.

About Me- (Coming Soon)  Who I am and what I do.

SiteMap-  All pages by a web.

Site News-  All major things done by date (current).

Audio Info-  All information available about software and music songs.

DIY Subbing-  How to make subs.

Info on Subs-  Just that.  Information on Subwoofers.

Info on Kickers-  Same thing.

Info on Speakers- Yet again, same thing.

Info on other accessories- Other Home and Car Accesories that could be useful for your system.  Information.

Downloads-  Working on right now.  Be sure to download the second one.

Links-  A growing list by catagory.

Email- My email; currently: Andywillie@hotmail.com

Other Cool Stuff-  Other topics that I did not want to put on the main page put reach closly to it.

Car Audio-  Everything you need...  Builing, Making, installing, and info.

Please Send in Info, Downloads, comments, questions, anything....
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