What the hell do I do all day!

So...ya ever wonder what kinda stuff can keep a person occupied all day?

  Well wonder no more......

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Well first, wanna know where you can go to post your own homepage??
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Visit some Funny sites.

Page o' Pun's
I think it's the mindless diversions that really make the web worthwhile. Try here or, perhaps even here.
Glenn Danforth's Humor Factory
Feel the need to learn another language? Well, learn how to chill wit'da homey's!
The Disgruntled Page -- Not for the postal at heart!
Cartoon World
The TIC Rules!!! He Rules!!!
Are you a Space Ghost or are you an Evil Locust?


Cool Sites

Ask me no questions; I'll tell you no lies.
Take a look at today's Yahoo! Cool Links.
Are you an animal afficionado? Check out The Cool Pet Site of the Day!?
Hey! Free Stuff Man! Visit the Fat Cat Cafe
Always wanted to be the editor for a totally cool Newspaper? Now's your chance!
  Or you can check out mine
And now... here's something you'll really like!
Wanna know about Rock on TV!
Come on down for some Hollywood Trivia!
Addicted to stuff??
How far is it??
Hey, check out this lil cutie named Bluedog
Here a smiley there a smiley...everywhere a smiley smiley =D.
Warm Fuzzies. =)

Weird Sites

News of the Weird
hmmm ... "People do not usually see that which is strange and unusual. Well, I myself AM strange and unusual."
  No...NOT ME! I was quoting Winona Ryder from Beetleguise.
   With that said, let's visit The Unusual or Deep Site of the day.
Bad taste in its highest form: Roadkill.
No, I was wrong. THIS is Bad Taste in its highest form. MISTER TAMBOURINE MAN!
All the fun of piercing and none of the pain -- Piercing Mildred!


Looking for a special card to send? Try Greet Street. Real life greeting cards for every occasion.
Or, if you want cyber things to send to other people try these Love letters (or hate letters, if you prefer.) And postcards. Yes, postcards. Woo hoo...don't ya just love it!
Solve all your problems with a few easy keystrokes. First, go here to figure out what you did wrong. (It's all your fault, you know.) Then skip over here and write them a nice apology letter. Or just bitch about whoever's fault it really is. (But don't think you can fool me; I know it's all your fault. Unless, of course, it's all Clinton's's fault. It's hard to tell sometimes.)

Beauty Links and Magazines

Stop by for dating advice, relationship surveys, and health information. Play games to win exciting prizes at The Guide to Love and Sex site.
Get free gifts and stuff at Lancome
Chat, drama, fragrance and more...onlay at the Ralph Lauren Fragrance web site . And don't forget to join the Polo Club.
You get weekly horoscopes, sex, health, and fashion tips; beauty giveaways NOT available in the magazine; quizes, advice; and a place to give your feedback at Cosmopolitan.
Welcome to VIBE magazine
Get smart. Discover Magazine
TravelMag. The independent travel magazine.
Byte Magazine
LIFE Photo Homepage
People. Services. Ideas. Experts. And the most extraordinary catalog on the web. It could only be Spiegel
Come browse through thousands of selections, order, or ask questions at Columbia House

Educational and Miscellaneous Sites

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here or here!
Are you a Seussian?
What's your sign, Baby? What's your number?
Mmmmmmm ... Tequila!!!!!
For you Macintosh folks out there, here's a great sound utility for the Mac that will read and convert nearly any sound format. SoundApp
Hungry for something? World Wide Waiter

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Today's Feature

hehehe...I just love cartoons....I'll try to post a new one daily.  I said TRY!


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