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CHINEAPPLE PUNX / CIDERFEX Welcome you to Chineapple Palace
Dedicated to the memory of Simon Hutton
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This site is undedicated to Hawkeye who sold us the biggest pile of shite masquerading as a van. We are so un-un-ungrateful for handing over all the money we'd EVER had from record sales, gigs, t-shirts - well everything (note - not profits, ALL the money e.g. first single - we pay for it to be produced then put all th emoney from the sales into the fund) we'd done for over 2 years, in return for a pile of shite. So if anybody knows where his houseboat is, take a dump down the chimney for us. Also - if you have a minibus for sale please let us know (in about 2 years time when we've raised the money).

So by now you've probably realised that the Punx are no more - the last gig July 2000 and the end of an era (error?). Still a new conglomeration of Ciderfex and Chineapple refugees will soon be emerging to terrorise music lovers everywhere - so watch this space.

Welcome to our home. Have a look round. If you feel like it please send us any comments you have.

IT'S HERE - THE ALBUM IS OUT NOW. That's right, you can own your very own copy of 'It's Good but It's Not Right'

Yup that's right 18 tracks of unrelenting enjoyment await you within the CD case of joy !! First reviews starting to come in now - so read them and get your dosh out

As usual all our stuff is available through various distro or from us.
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Good but not Right
It's Good but it's Not Right

The Bands

Live Shots



new items hereSo who the fuck likes The Chineapple Punx anyway - a new feature, a homage to the idiots that like this stuff

The Bands (as were)

"As you may have guessed, the Punx enjoy a good laugh" - The Midweek 24/2/98
(Moody Row - Left to Right)Uncle Creaky, Dooog, Jim
(Grinning Stoopidly Row)Growbag
pic of Simon Beard pic of Martin pic of Pete pic of Simon No Beard
Simon Beard Martin Pete Trousers Simon No Beard


Two reviews from Maximum Rock'n'Roll, one from Ruptured Ambitions and the recent reviews here, but if you're crazee enough to want to read more, click here
The Chineapple Punx - "It's Good But It's Not Right" CD
Well, it's been a long and frustrating time coming, but enough of Dooog's personal problems (you cheeky bastard - Dooog), here's the long awaited Chineapple's full lengther. Picking up where the last two split 7"s left off, The Chineapple's brand of good time pogoing street punk is always a winner live, coupled with their props and pranks, and they pull it off (oo-er missus) on this disc 'n all. A mixture of serious politics (GM foods, the Police, Religion etc) and a healthy dose of lunacy, the band are apparently based around some Pineapple God's wods, but from the sound of the vocals, it seems, singer Growbag is based around Special Brew (burn the heretic - Dooog). All the live covered favourites are here - "Freebird", "Jamie and the Magic Torch" and "Walking on Sunshine" plus more of the same rough and ready Punk Rock. Great, leery, beery fun.
Gadgie Fanzine
The Chineapple Punx - Brainspotting
The very latest clutch of crazee toonz from the finest purveyors of fun-archo and, though I may be sticking my swan-like neck, I reckon the could well be the bestest yet! Subtitles 'a tribute to the Chineapplepunx', and frighteningly realistically performed by such luminaries as Hank Marvin, Oasis, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber & Queen, among others, what you gets is highly-pogoable, glucose ruch versions of witty ditties "Gluehead", "Tandoori Story", "Supermarket of the Damned", "Chunky versus the Pilchards from Outer Space" and the marvellous "Bouncing". This spikey bunch of japesters would cheer-up even the most miserable of swines, and at the most grim moments. COmes with an ace fold-out sleeve & limited edition poster !!!
cover of Chineapple Punx 'Chunk and Disorderly' single
The CIDERFEX side has three pared-down pub-punk songs, infectious and reliable "oi" style, with words that make me try to read the tiny print lyric sheet, because one is Pope John's battle for the World Cup! Excellent. CHINEAPPLE PUNX side is heavier and faster; "Riot Cop Diet Cop" in particular rocks.  AGENT ORANGE chords and floor toms but with buzzy guitars and enormous energy.  Great songs, independent, political; proceeds go towards local hunt sabotage.(GS)(Duel Cabbageway Records, c/o Chiltern Hunt Sabs, PO Box 116, Hill Avenue, Amersham, Bucks, UK)cover of Ciderfex 'Leatherhead, Bristol, Studley Green and Hackney' single
cover of Chineapple Punx 'A Right Royal Knees Up' single
URKO has a thundering style of hardcore similar to CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, except they are just a hair slower. CHINEAPPLE PUNX have a great old school style similar to the SUBHUMANS. I especially liked their lyrics to the song "Braindead". It's a great slam on nazi skins. A damn fine record. (RC)
(Inflammable Material, PO Box 2544, London, NW6 3DF, UK)

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