The 1996 Party Log

DC's Hottest Rock Band Plays Party For Beer...Saturday, March 30, 1996: The "Official No Themes" Party at Tom's Rental House was a refreshing return to party fundamentals. No outlandish themes or drinking concepts, just beer, margaritas, and DC's hottest rock band, LIFE SUPPORT. Lead singer, Tito Lopez, took center stage in the Main Room about 9 p.m., and told the crowd of a hundred plus to drink up and get loud. LIFE SUPPORT played three one-hour sets, mesmerizing everyone with renditions of "Something's Always Wrong," "Message in a Bottle," and "Interstate Love Song." The highlight of the evening was the rock anthem, "Can't Get Enough (of Your Love)," which had the audience singing along. Turned out, LIFE SUPPORT played the party for beer. Album jacket.

Sun, Surf, and Sand...Beach Week! Saturday, May 25 - Saturday, June 1, 1996: Eleven happy hour goers--Mike, Natasha, Janet, Andy, Lisa, Holly, Tom, Melissa, Brian, Denise, and Ken--made the trek down to the Outerbanks, NC for the 4th Biannual Beach Week. Days on the beach in Kill Devil Hills and Hatteras and nights on the town. With old haunts like the Mex-Econo gone, happy hour was held at the Weeping Radish. Followed by No Buzz Kill Evenings!, dancing fools, free love, and the Abba-esque pose on the way to Kelly's Surf Bar. Photo Shoot.

On The Mall...for the 4th of July: Little did everyone know this would be the last time alcoholic beverages would be permitted on the mall for the Fourth of July. Damn Park Service. Mike, Natasha, Paul & Nancy, Gus, Brian, Holly, Tom, and new Rental House boarder, Paul, staked out a space early and played volleyball and sunbathed til the sun went down and the fireworks lit up the Monument.

Ganymede Plays Main Room As Party Rages On Outside...Saturday, July 27, 1996:  The Second Annual Crab Feast and Pool Party at Tom's Rental House's back lot started before sundown with Foggy Bottom beer and Old Bay seasoned blue crabs (compliments of Chef Rob). The back lot was filled to capacity. The crowd was restless and screaming for Life Support, DC's hottest rock band, only to find out that the band's lead singer, Tito Lopez, had canceled for reasons unknown. Fortunately, the opening act, Ganymede, had arrived and was ready to rock. Ganymede opened their set with "Crystal Clear," pounding out "Mascara," "Thorn," and "KCK" before settling into "Like Marianne." By the time they got to their closer, "Starlight at Twilight," Ganymede had won over the crowd. A few encores, plenty of beer, and Tom's Rental House's pool and volleyball court kept this party going well into the night. Photo perspective.

Chex Mix Saves Opening Night at Janet's...Saturday, August 10, 1996:  The festivities at Janet's began with a batch of Hansen Home Brew which to the dismay of those who attended had too much head. Fortunately, the bar was stocked with plenty of other brands. Party highlights included Latin music on the dance floor and an endless supply of Chex mix.

People Refuse To Stand, Prefer To Sit It Out...Saturday, September 14, 1996:  Brian's Germantownhouse Social looked more like a college sit-in than a party, but packed a wallop when it came to the beer selection. The "All Around The World Beer" theme proved successful. Highlights included Gus's skit,"What's Behind the Green Door" and a near brawl between trash talking players on two rival street hockey teams.

Neighbors Be Damned, We're Apartment Living...Saturday, September 28, 1996:  Many had their doubts at first, but Mike's "Apartment Living" Party served up a good time. Though the house ran out of beer early, a Good Samaritan saved the day by bringing plenty of reserves. Good thing because Julie had to do her second "Junior Birdman" (don't ask) at the Threeman Table. Other highlights included, Mike's and Natasha's housewarming gift, and complaints by the neighbors.

Get Out Your Stein and Put on Your Lederhosen...Saturday, October 5, 1996: Mann, ist das ein Leben! Spaten Oktoberfest on tap, oompah band music, und Wurst. It must be Oktoberfest at the Buckaroo Beer Garden. Tom and Greg went the extra mile on this party--special tap and all. It was an elbow banging good time.

Scott and Alena Get Married...Friday, November 1, 1996: "When I got a call on Wednesday from Scott asking if I'd be his best man, I of course said 'yes' and asked when the wedding date would be, thinking it'd be sometime in 1997. To my surprise, Scott said 'this Friday.' The quintessential Scott..."--Tom. The wedding and reception were held in historic downtown Annapolis.

Halloween Party Rocks Says Arab Man...Saturday, November 2, 1996:  Greg, Steve, and Cody's (alias Tube Dog) Halloween Party rocked according to Gus, dressed in Arab garb. Costumes ranged from punk samarai to inanimate objects like spoons and CDs. Some came as their idols like Paul as Bob Dole and Brian as the Construction Worker in the Village People (a 70s disco group). The main attraction of course was Tube Dog. Those who missed this Novemberfest opener should be kicking themselves (I know I am).

Tube Dog, Dangerous Liaisons, And Guest Appearances...Saturday, November 9, 1996: Many came and few left the second engagement of NovemberFest until the wee hours of the morning. Tube Dog rocked the Rental House (see song list below) as Harpoon poured from the tap. Julie did her Junior Birdman impression again, Brian announced his impending engagement to Melissa, Tom showed Kyle the art of beer tasting, and Gus declared he was contemplating entering into the isolation stage with Julie. Guest appearances were made by HB (last seen four years ago), and by Lauren and Robin (last seen at Crab Feast '95). But none of this topped the party's climatic conclusion (...and this wasn't it).

Song list:
3:41 a.m.
the Terrible
Bubblegum Love
Better Days

Photo Expose

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout Causes Several to Black Out...Saturday, November 16, 1996: Three turned out to be a charm as NovemberFest's closer served up a mighty powerful fine stout. Held at the Team-Banzai Annex in Arlington, the party stuck mainly to one theme "Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout." Many never saw the hangovers coming.

Birthday Bash At The Strathmore Estate...Saturday, December 7th, 1996: DC's elite gathered at Jason's and Kyle's Chevy Chase mansion to celebrate the birthdays of three starlets--Healey, Janet, and Melissa--who were presented with a Fudgy The Whale icecream cake. Highlights of the evening's festivaties included aristocratic games like "thumbtack your latest land acquisition," "lets decorate the aquarium," and "let them eat cake." Definitely a birthday bash with a touch of class.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!": Nineteen ninty-six was closed out with yet another gala at the Rental House. Dressed in semi-formal attire, Happy Hour’s elite steamed up the windows as they flirted with reckless abandonment on the dance floor. "Macarena" Mike battled Kyle for floor superiority on retro 70’s disco and 90’s club mixes. Natasha and Mike F. challenged with limbo. And everyone crowded the floor when "Another Night," "Dancing Queen," "Call Me," "Da Ya Think I’m Sexy," "Pure Energy," and "Bizarre Love Triangle" played. Special moments included a tear stricken Gus blowing out candles on a belated 28th birthday cake, Melissa's champagne toast, and of course, the midnight kiss for good luck. Party Album.

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