The 1998 Party Log

Mike's Second Annual "Because We Need One" Party...Saturday, January 17, 1998:
Version 1... Mike Fierro's follow up party to last year's "Because We Need One" Party was definitely the social event of the month. Not even a few visits from the police and both of Fierro's girlfriends--Jen & July (see photo above)--showing up could derail this event. In the party's early stages, Gus showed Claudine how to two step, John and others played an entertaining game of Three Man, and Beto and Tom demonstrated unorthodox pouring techiques. And what could have been a major party foul, the keg running out of beer, was quickly resolved with the passing of a hat and the fortunate availability of a sober driver to get the second keg. With damage control under way, people hugged and kissed, and before long, cups were full once more.

Kevin, Kyle, and Betty wagering on whether Danielle will show up too.

Version 2... Well not exactly, lets just say the party was a scene. Guests saw relationships crash and burn, and new ones spring up from the ashes of 1997 breakups like a phoenix rising. By the end of the party, it was clear that the host was in need of a visit to Tastey Diner.

Happy Hour's Second Anniversary + 1 week...Thursday, March 5, 1998: Due to a bad developing job, Happy Hour's Second Anniversary at Guapo's cannot be shown here. However, a week later we also saw a good turnout for the Second Anniversary + 1 week photo. New and old happy hour goers showed up at Cap City, Bethesda for good beer and plenty of cheer. Even Brian Kroll made the trip all the way from Richmond, VA.

Ternlund's Surprise Visit...Thursday, May 7 through Monday, May 18, 1998: John, not seen in the metro area since 1987, made a surprise visit in May. Signing up at the last minute for a space shuttle systems software project at Goddard, John made the trek back east from his home in Colorado and caught up with the old gang at Scott's place in Annapolis. John's next scheduled visit to DC is 2009. Capitol Photo.

The Fifth Biannual Beach Week in The Outerbanks...Saturday, May 23 through Saturday, May 30, 1998: Fifteen made the journey to the Outerbanks for a week of sun, surf, and sand. Activities included volley ball, mid-day interludes at the pier, Happy Hour at the Weeping Radish Brewery in Manteo, jet skiing, and some 4 wheel'n on the dunes. And of course, plenty of drinking. Photo Spread.

Annapolis Fireworks...July 4, 1998: Nothin' like seeing fireworks on a boat in the Severn River on the 4th of July.

"Little" Scott's Christening Party...Sunday, July 26, 1998:

Lisa's Big Bad SwingFest...Saturday, August 15, 1998: Lisa's second annual rooftop party jumped, jived, and whaled. The host was also the birthday girl. Though lighting all those candles posed a serious challenge given the steady breeze.

Brian & Melissa's House Warming...Saturday, September 5, 1998: In honor of paying the first month's mortgage on their new pad, Brian & Melissa felt it was time to finally let loose and act like newlyweds. The house was packed as people came from all over the Eastern seaboard to their quaint Southland home. Upon arriving guests were treated to a tour, great Southern cooking, and cider. Ken summed it up best ..."Cider!?!"

The High Society Party...Saturday, September 19, 1998: Tom & Holly played host & hostess at their new 10th floor flat. Unlike Tom's parties past, Holly was able to keep the vagrants and party crashers out with lobby security, except for Kevin who managed to circumvent the telephone entry system. The party was pretty tame except for a few rumours being spread when Brian showed up solo without Melissa or Gus. Trev also brought over some of his latest brew which found many a taker.

Gonna Party Like It's 1999...Thursday, December 31, 1998: Mike and Julie hosted New Year's Eve 1998, announcing midway throught the party, Mike's intent to move to California to be with Julie. They also hinted that wedding bells were in the air. Mike and Julie were toasted with jello-shooters, beer, Asti, and champagne. Yes, and those who attended "partied like it's 1999..."

And then it was 1999.

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