Powerful drummer, he appears in many great albums.


This band was formed around 1970 by keyboard whiz Patric Moraz:

They released only one album, the self-titled Mainhorse. They even played at Montreux Jazz Festival in June 1971, splitting soon after.


This was the band assembled by Gary Wright after leaving Spooky Tooth for the first time, as he needed a band to promote his solo album Extraction. This was mid 1971:

But Jerry Donahue left the band very soon, being replaced by another great musician, Mick Jones: They recorded a 2nd Gary Wright album, Footprint, full of guests: George Harrison (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Hugh McCracken (guitar), Klaus Voorman (bass), King Curtis (sax), Jim Price (sax), Bobby Keys (sax), Alan White (drums), Jim Keltner (drums), Jim Gordon (drums), and vocals by the great ones Doris Troy, Barry St. John, Liza Strike, Jimmy Thomas and Nanette Newman.

But the band's life came to an end when Gary Wright is asked to join Spooky Tooth again in September 1972. He brings Jones and Graham with him.


This is September 1972, and we have the 3rd incarnation of Spooky Tooth:

They released a new album, You broke my heart so I busted your jaw. But, after extensive touring, Bryson (and Herbert) left in March 1973, being replaced by original drummer, Mike Kellie.
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Mike Harrison
Gary Wright
Mick Jones
Ian Herbert

And then? 

I don't know to which band Bryson joined, or if he only played sessions. Any info would be very appreciated.


Yes, Bryson rejoins Spooky Tooth in May 1974 (again, replacing Mike Kellie):

Many people say this was the decline. I personally like this lineup a lot, they were powerful live (Patto was such a great singer). They released a good album, The mirror, one month after having parted ways in September 1974. Gary Wright left, and even if Mike Patto wanted to form a new band with Mick Jones and Bryson Graham, it finally didn't happen.
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Mike Patto
Gary Wright
Mick Jones
Val Moore


Alvin Lee was (and still is) the superb guitarist and singer in the fantastic Ten Years After. When the band first dissolved, he formed his own band under the name Alvin & Co., with great musicians. Bryson joined him in March 1976.

They released an album, Pump iron!, with lots of guests: Boz Burrell (bass, from Bad Company), Steven Thompson (bass, from Stone the Crows), Mel Collins (sax), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards, from Stone the Crows), Ian Wallace (drums, from King Crimson), and two former Andy Pyle colleagues from Blodwyn Pig: Jack Lancaster and Ron Berg.

But in July 1976, Alvin changes the musicians, thus Bryson leaving the band.

This lineup also recorded another album, Saguitar, but it remained unreleased. Later, it was released under the name Let it rock.

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Alvin Lee
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Andy Pyle
Tim Hinkley


This band was formed by Ian North, around 1977 or so. After some personnel changes, they get 3 fantastic musicians: Steve Byrd, John McCoy and Bryson Graham:

But in September 1978, Byrd and McCoy left to join Gillan: But, as Bryson and Nick also played part-time with other bands, they were forced to leave the band soon after. But part of the material recorded by them was finally released, but I don't know the name of the album. Help, please!
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Alvin Lee
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Andy Pyle


A very interesting band from BNWOHM scene. After several changes in lineup (one of their member, Phil Collen left them to join Def Leppard), Bryson joins them around Summer 1980, I think. I have a Spanish magazine where there is a bio on Girl, but it's full of mistakes, and he's mispelled as Brillo (not Bryson). But I think he really was the one who joined them:

They played at Reading 1980, but by the time they entered a studio to record a new album, Bryson had left, being replaced by Steve Barnacle.

But, many years later, in 2001, a live album has been released, featuring Bryson. It's called Live at the Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan.


1. Is Bryson the drummer in Girl's single of Russ Ballard's "Love is a game"? I don't think so.

2. I've read in two different places that Bryson played with Peter Frampton and Sex Pistols. Does anybody know about it?!


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