Jim Copley (drums)

Around 1972, he was a member of Spreadeagle:

Andy Blackfield (guitar, vocals)
Tim Phillips (guitar, vocals, keyboards)
Sam Llewellyn (bass, vocals)
Jon Field (percussion)
Jim Copley (drums)
They released one album, The piece of paper.

They went through several lineup changes (including John Perry on bass for a while). In 1973, Jim formed Upp:

Stephen Amazing (bass)
Andy Clark (keyboards)
Jim Copley (drums)
A powerful band, they met Jeff Beck, who asked them to play with him for the BBC 'Guitar workshop' program, in August 1974.

They released a first album, Upp, produced by Jeff Beck, who also played guitar there. For their second album, they were a quartet:

David Bunce (guitar)
Stephen Amazing (bass)
Andy Clark (keyboards)
Jim Copley (drums)
Again, their second album, This way Upp, also features Jeff Beck.

They finally split in 1977.

Copley drummed for 'modern' bands, such as Tears for Fears and Go West, or singers such as Seal. He played with Tears for Fears in the 1990 Knebworth Festival, thus appearing in the collective live album released.

For his stay in Paul Rodgers band, please check my pages on Geoff Whitehorn.

Around September 1999, he joins Company of Snakes for a few gigs:

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