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I was shocked when I received an e-mail message from my great friend Alex Gitlin, who told me that Cozy had died in a car accident. His sad death happened on April, 5, 1998. A Press Association report said:

Original-generation heavy metal drummer Cozy Powell died in a car crash on Sunday night. Avon & Somerset police confirmed that a 50-year-old man died when his Saab 9000 hit the central reservation on the M4 near Bristol. Blues hero Peter Green's publicits confirmed it was Powell. "He seemed a lovely bloke. He was a nice guy making his living out of music and having a good time."

It seems that he lost control of his car and crashed between the junctions 18 and 19 near Bristol, against the center divider.

God bless him. He'll always be with all of us. Now, he'll be jamming with some of his friends and idols, such as John Bonham, B.J. Wilson, Keith Moon and Buddy Rich.

Without a doubt, it has been the most difficult thing I've needed to do with my site: writing about this tragic event. I had written these pages 6 months before, but he never watched them. :( I hope he would have liked them!

Thanks section

Dedicated with all my love to Cozy. You'll always stay with me.

Very special thanks to: Neil Murray & Denny Ball, for help.

Special thanks to: Carmine Appice, Vinny Appice, Eric Singer, Bobby Rock, John West, Bobby Tench, Don Airey, Eddie Hardin: for submitting me their comments about Cozy. Please, watch the Cozy tribute page, with the messages they sent me.

Thanks to: Alex Gitlin for lots of scans, and for all his info about Cozy solo albums; Vladimir Milovidov for info about 'Facing the animal' album and for encouragement; Boris Shnitzer for the 'Pictures at eleven' & 'Look at me now' albums, and for many more reasons; Jman for info about Forcefield albums; Carol Hynson for the Forcefield scans, info, help and for her very kind messages; Jim Martinez, Beth Michaud, Carlos San Roman Camacho, for their kind messages; Stefan Knispel, for info about Cozy Powell's Hammer German concerts; Avi Rosenfeld, for the 'Facing the animal' album; Priya Acharya, for info on Colin Blunstone; Oliver Tamminga, for giving me permission for using his photo from the Cozy Powell Tribute Concert.

And thanks to everyone who visited this page. I'm astonished (and delighted) by so many emails as I've got with so kind comments about my pages. THANKS to all of you!!


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