Junior Marvin aka Junior Kerr aka Junior Hanson (guitar)

Yes, yes, it's just one man! :) And every new name showed a different personality. While Junior Kerr was a great bluesman, Junior Hanson used to play in the Hendrix style, and Junior Marvin has been playing reggae and hot rhythms. The common point? The quality.

Why so many different artistic names. Well, all is clear watching his real name: Donald Hanson Marvin Kerr Richards, Jr. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica. His family soon moved to England, starting his musical career there, playing in TV programs.

His first group was Blue-Ace-Unit, with Calvin 'Fuzzy' Samuels. He also played with several mythical bands from the British scene, such as Herbie Goins and The Nightimers in the mid 60s. He also shared band with Linda Lewis in White Rabbit in 1969.

Around 1970, he joins Keef Hartley Band, under the name of Junior Kerr. They were two guitarists for a few weeks, until Miller Anderson finally leaves.

For their next album, Seventy second brave, the band was: Also appearing in the album, Mick Weaver.

Lancashire hustler was Keef next album, and it was credited to his name instead of being credited to Keef Hartley Band. It was recorded with help from several Vinegar Joe members (singers Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer and guitarist Pete Gage), plus Jess Roden (vocals), Miller Anderson (guitar), Junior Kerr (guitar, vocals), Phil Chen (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Jean Roussel (keyboards). A pity this album has never been released on CD.

Keef himself recognizes they recorded another album, which remains unreleased (why?!!), with collaborations from John Mayall and some other friends, so it probably should include Junior Kerr there.

Finally, Keef dissolves his band in Summer 1971, to join John Mayall again.

Good news! Finally, in 1999 it has been released a new live album by Keef Hartley Band. It comprises old live recordings, plus some studio tracks. It's called Not foolish, not wise. Sadly, it doesn't include any info about the musicians involved, but I guess Junior must appear, as one of the tracks was co-written by him.

Later, Junior was in a band called Salt and Pepper:

But this project was short-lived, and Junior changed his name to Junior Hanson, for starting a brand new project, Hanson:

Around 1973, Conrad joined the band Hanson:

Junior Hanson (guitar, vocals)
Clive Chaman (bass)
Jean Roussel (keyboards)
Conrad Isadore (drums)
They released an album with this lineup, Now hear this. It contains guest appearances by Bobby Tench, Rebop and Chris Wood.

In November 1973, the band changes completely, and Neil Murray joins him, recommended by original bassist Clive Chaman:

They released the album Magic Dragon, and toured clubs in the US in April/May 1974. But they split soon after, in summer 1974.

I don't know of more bands where he played during 1974-1977, but he played in many sessions.

In February 1977, he joins Bob Marley & The Wailers as lead guitarist, under the name Junior Marvin:

He released many albums with Bob Marley, until Bob's sad death in May 1981. My favourite is the live album Babylon by bus, a exciting album, where Junior really shines. The album was taken from a European tour where they had Gonzalez as backing band (featuring Junior's old mate, Chris Mercer). They even played in Spain in that tour. I also have a live concert in video, again with a fantastic performance.

After Marley's death, The Wailers remained together, now with Junior on lead vocals:

This was the lineup for The Wailers that played in Spain in 1991: Finally, in 1997, Junior leaves The Wailers, after 20 years playing together. He starts his own career. First concerts were made with support from a Brazilian band, Djambi.

Sometime later, he forms his own band, Rock Roots:

Albums with Keef Hartley Band:

Albums with Hanson: Albums with Bob Marley & The Wailers: Albums with The Wailers: Sessions:
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Thanks section

Thanks to: Chris Mercer, for telling me about the relation between Junior Kerr and Junior Marvin; Michael Peto-Shepherd, for telling me about the relation between Junior Hanson and Junior Marvin. Thanks to them, the "mystery" is now solved. :)

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