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Tiga Abdul Tiga Abdul (1963)

English title : Three Abduls
Genre : Comedy
Format : Black & White
Language : Malay
Duration : 120 min

Director :
P. Ramlee

Writer :
(Not available)

Cast :
P. Ramlee ... Abdul Wahub
S. Kadarisman ... Abdul Wahib
Haji Mahadi ... Abdul Wahab
M. Babjan ... Ismeth Ulam Raja
Ahmad Nisfu ... Sadiq Segaraga
Sarimah ... Ghasidah
Mariani ... Hamidah
Dayang Sofia ... Rafidah
Salleh Kamil ... Kassim Patalon

Crew :
(Not available)

Producer :
(Shaws Malay Film Productions Ltd)

Synopsis :
Malay - Kisah tentang pergolakan keluarga Ismeth Ulam Raja, seorang hartawan di Isketambola. Dia mempunyai tiga orang anak lelaki, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahib dan Abdul Wahub. Apabila bapa mereka meninggal dunia, Abdul Wahib dan Abdul Wahab mula bersikap tamak dengan membolot semua harta peninggalannya. Manakala, Abdul Wahub yang benci dengan sikap tamak abangnya, memutuskan persaudaraan dengan mereka...
English - Ismeth Ulam Raja was one of the richest businessman in Isketambola. He owned land estates, factories, plantations, warehouses and even horse stables. He has three sons, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahib and Abdul Wahub. On his birthday, he suffered a heart attack but does not wish to be admitted to the hospital. Abdul Wahub insisted but his two elder brothers sided with their father's decision, knowing full well that they will inherit their father's wealth when their father die. While the three brothers were arguing, their father suffered another blow of heart attack and passed away. The eldest son, Abdul Wahab, distributed the enormous wealth that he has just inherited. Abdul Wahib was given 4.5 million in cash whilst Abdul Wahub was given the old mansion only. Felt betrayed and cheated, Abdul Wahub decided to end his relationship with his elder brothers. In the meantime, Sadiq Segaraga's business was not doing well. His advisor, Kassim Patalon, suggested that he marries his three daughters off to Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahib and Abdul Wahub. The plan is to trick them and grab hold of their wealth. Hamidah, Rafidah and Ghasidah was sent to court Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahib and Abdul Wahub respectively. Only Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahib agreed to the marriage proposal, not knowing that they are about to fall into the trap. Sadiq Segaraga agreed to the union on one condition - they are not allowed to get angry or will lose their wealth to Sadiq Segaraga. The two brothers agreed. As soon as they tied the knot, Sadiq devised various ways to make them angry, such as: not allowing them to eat and sleep with their wives. Naturally they soon lost their patience, and Sadiq immediately took possession of their wealth and sold them to a slave trader. One night, Abdul Wahub dreamt his late father asking him to see a man by the name of Suleiman Akhlaken and help his brothers. It turns out that Suleiman has been trusted by the late Ismeth to manage his overseas investment. With the new found wealth, Abdul Wahub set out to help his two brothers and punish Sadiq Segaraga. What is Abdul Wahub's plan? Did he fall into Sadiq's trap like his two elder brothers did? or did he manage to outwit Sadiq and his advisor?

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