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'Lonesome' Dave Peverett (vocals, guitar)

Great guitarist, also a very good singer, he'll be always remembered by two of the bands where he played: Savoy Brown and Foghat.

Dave Peverett was born on April 16, 1943 in London, England. His musical beginnings were in the bands The Cross Ties Blues Band (with Chris Youlden), and Les Questions.

He joined mythical blues band Savoy Brown in 1967.

After one album, Getting to the point, Rivers Jobe left, and Tony Stevens was recruited. They released two albums with this lineup: Blue matter and A step further. But Bob Hall leaves the band in December 1969: A new album is released, Raw Sienna. In May 1970, their singer Chris Youlden leaves, becoming a quartet. A new album, Looking in, and Kim Simmonds is left alone when the remaining members leave to form another great band, Foghat. (For those wanting to know, Kim kept on with Savoy Brown with new members, some of them to be covered in my Olympus: Andy Pyle and Paul Raymond).

Note: in 1981 it was released a live album from that Savoy Brown lineup, called Just live.

The original Foghat lineup was:

After four albums, Tony left the band in 1975, being replaced for a while by their friend Nick Jameson, who had been produced some of their albums: But that same year, they found a replacement for the bass role, Craig McGregor: In 1980, one of the founders, Rod Price leaves the band: Next change happens in 1983: The bass role was played by different musicians during a couple of years, one of them being the great Kenny Aaronson. Help here, please!

And finally, Lonesome leaves the band in 1985. It was apparently the end of the road for Foghat, although the other members kept the band alive. But something was missing...

Dave started playing with other people. This was a project of a band:

Trouble comes when in 1990, Dave and Rod resurrect Foghat. By that time, there was already another Foghat band, commanded by original drummer Roger Earl. This was Dave Peverett's version of Foghat: They changed bassist next year:  But the peace arrives when the original members decide playing together again. This was 1993: In 1999, Rod Price retires from live tours, and his place is filled in concerts by friend Bryan Bassett: And, as I've told before, the sad ending to a great career is Dave's death on February 7, 2000. He was suffering from cancer for a while, but a pneumonia made things too critical. Rest in peace, Lonesome Dave!

Albums with Savoy Brown:

Albums with Foghat: Sessions:
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Dedicated to 'Lonesome' Dave Peverett. Keep on playing that blues, wherever you are!

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