Larry Wallis (guitar)

A veteran from the music scene, he has belonged to great bands.

In 1968, he formed a band called The Entire Sioux Nation:

They stayed together until November 1969.

Steve Peregrine Took (from T. Rex fame) and Mick Farren (from The Deviants) formed a new lineup of Pink Fairies in November 1969 (with Twink and Silver Darling). But when Twink left, they decided changing the name getting Larry Wallis and Tim Taylor from The Entire Sioux Nation:

Very soon, Farren left after having a fallout with Took, and the rest changed the name into Shagrat with a new drummer: They recorded 3 demos at Strawberry Studios, Stockport in April 1970, and played one gig at the Phun City Festival (by the way, run by Mick Farren!) in July 1970. Taylor did not show for the gig, and Lenoir left the band afterwards. The replacement chosen was Dave Bidwell:
(Shagrat. from left to right: Steve Took, Dave Bidwell, Larry Wallis)
(photo courtesy of David Mantell)

But Bidwell also was a member of Chicken Shack, and by then, late 1970, Wallis left for Blodwyn Pig.

This lineup appears in the collective double live album Glastonbury Faire:

As I've told, Larry joined Blodwyn Pig, that was changing its name to Lancaster's Bombers (shortened to Lancaster). But the band split in September 1970.

In 1971, Took, Wallis and Bidwell got together at Wallis' home and did some acoustic demos of Took's songs.

In February 1972, he joined UFO: But he left the band in October 1972, after a tour by Europe. Larry didn't record any thing with them.

In November 1972, Larry joined Pink Fairies, substituting Mick Wayne:

They released an album, Kings of oblivion. The band split in March 1974 but ... they reunited for a special gig in July 1975. The same trio with a couple of old members and some friend (Paul Rudolph, from Hawkwind): Their only concert was finally released on a live album several years later, in 1982, under the name of At the Roundhouse. But that's not all; in 1991, it was reissued under the name At the roundhouse / Previously unreleased, comprising the original live album, plus additional songs by Larry Wallis from 1984, and an EP by Twink from 1977.

After this gig, the band continued as a trio in September 1975 (until July 1976):

But apart from being part of Pink Fairies, Larry also joined a embrionic band called Motorhead in May 1975: In December 1975, Lucas Fox leaves (to form Warsaw Pakt with Andy Colquhoun) and Motorhead gets a new drummer, the mighty Phil 'Philty Animal' Taylor: Larry recorded an album with the band, On Parole, but it remained unreleased for some years. When Motorhead was a big name, it finally appeared.

In February, Motorhead becomes a quartet:

But this same month, Larry finally leaves the band. OK, so now we only have to concentrate on Pink Fairies career. Where was I? Oh, yes, Pink Fairies as a trio. In July 1976, they turn into a quartet: They released a single, 'Between the lines / Spoiling for a fight' (Sep 76, Stiff).

In January 1977, the band parted ways. This same month, he played in a one-off gig with members of Thin Lizzy:

A killer lineup!!

Soon later, Larry found a job working as producer for Stiff label, but this didn't mean he retired. He released a solo single produced by Nick Lowe, 'Police car / On parole' (Nov 77, Stiff), being the B-side the same song he recorded with Motorhead. The single was recorded with Paul Gray on bass.

He also appears in a Stiff compilation, A bunch of Stiffs, as part of an ad-hoc lineup called The Takeaways (one song by them, 'Food'):

He toured with the 'Live Stiffs' package, also appearing on the live album that was released some time later. Some of the artists featured in the tour, apart from Larry (with an adhoc band called Larry Wallis' Psychedelic Rowdies), were Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds, Ian Dury & The Blockheads (featuring John Turnbull and Mickey Gallagher) and Wreckless Eric. Nick Lowe played with a special band, assembled for the occasion, called The Last Chicken in the Shop, consisting of some friends: Larry then produced a couple of records for Mick Farren: the EP Screwed up (Nov 77) and the album Vampires stole my lunch money (Aug 78). As Mick wanted to play a tour for promoting the album, in September 1978, Larry accepts being part of the band. Their name? Mick Farren & The Good Guys: Next thing for Larry was teaming with legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer (from MC5 fame). Kramer needed a band to play some concerts in the UK in March 1979, and Larry and Andy were there: And finally, after being played for other people, Larry decides assembling his own band, Larry Wallis & The Death Commandos of Love, in February 1982: In 1984, Mick Farren resurrected (again) the name The Deviants, and recorded a live album, Human garbage, with this lineup: Next thing to resurrect was ... Pink Fairies, of course: They released a new album in 1987, Kill 'em & eat 'em.

Another one-off project around 1991 was On The Bench, comprising the great Lee Brilleaux from Dr. Feelgood:

They released some tracks in Escape from oil city, an album with some tracks by On The Bench and some other tracks by a similar one-off outfit, Canvey Island All Stars.

In 1991, his new band was Redbyrds:

They stayed together until 1992, and, as far as I know, they only released one EP, called Truth justice and a wholesome packed lunch. Phil Mitchell was a member of Dr. Feelgood (he came back to the band soon after). Larry was close friends with the band (Dr. Feelgood recorded several tracks written by Larry - the first that comes to my mind now is the nice 'As long as the price is right'). That's the reason why Larry Wallis appears sometimes in tribute concerts for the late Lee Brilleaux.

He also appeared in a special concert by The Stranglers. It was released a live album from the concert, with The Stranglers plus special friends, such as Larry.

Other acts produced by Larry along the years: The Adverts, ...

There are sessions by Steve Peregrine Took, recorded around 1972, with appearances by Twink, Mick Wayne, Larry Wallis, Duncan Sanderson and Syd Barrett.

Collective albums where he appears:

Albums with Pink Fairies: Albums with the 'Live Stiffs' package: Albums with Motorhead: Albums with Mick Farren / The Deviants: Albums with On The Bench: Albums with Redbyrds: Albums with The Stranglers and Friends:
  • Live in concert (Feb 95) (live)
  • Other albums produced by Larry Wallis:
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