Terry Wilson-Slesser (vocals)

A very skilled vocalist.

He was a member of the progressive band Beckett, around 1974:

Terry Wilson-Slesser (vocals)
Robert Barton (guitar, vocals)
Kenny Mountain (guitar, vocals)
Ian Murray (bass)
Tim Hinkley (keyboards)
Keith Fisher (drums)
They released an eponymous album, produced by Roger Chapman (singer from Family and Streetwalkers).

In 1975, he's called by Paul Kossoff to join his new band, Back Street Crawler:

Terry Wilson-Slesser (vocals)
Paul Kossoff (guitar)
Terry Wilson (bass)
Michael Montgomery (keyboards)
Tony Braunagel (drums)
They recorded a first album, The band plays on, but they had to cancel a tour due to Kossoff suffering a heart attack. Michael Montgomery left the band:
Terry Wilson-Slesser (vocals)
Paul Kossoff (guitar)
Terry Wilson (bass)
John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards)
Tony Braunagel (drums)
They had started recording a new album, Second street, when Paul Kossoff tragically died on March 19, 1976. A great loss. The album was finished with help from Geoff Whitehorn, and all of them turned into a new band, Crawler.

After the demise of Crawler, Terry joined the band Charlie. CHECK FOR INFO!

In January 1984, we can find him singing backing vocals for MSG only for that month:

Gary Barden (vocals)
Michael Schenker (guitar)
Chris Glen (bass)
Andy Nye (keyboards)
Ted McKenna (drums)
Terry Wilson-Slesser (backing vocals)
Albums with Beckett: Albums with Back Street Crawler: Albums with Charlie: Sessions:
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