Adrian Lee (keyboards)

First I know about Adrian Lee is that he was a member of Cliff Richard live band. From there, he joined Toyah Wilcox band from the end of 1980 to 1984 approximately. A Spanish magazine from June 1981 says Toyah had formed a new band, with:

Toyah Wilcox (vocals)
Joel Bogen (guitar)
Phil Spalding (bass)
Adrian Lee (keyboards)
Nigel Glockler (drums)
He also released a solo album in 1982, The magician. He was part of Mike + The Mechanics from the beginning, but in their album from 1995 he's not considered a member, although he still appears there (Beggar on a beach of gold (1995), with Clem Clempson, Andy Newmark).

The legendary Paul Gurvitz (from Gun, Baker Gurvitz Army, etc.) is back! Surrounded by a great bunch of musicians and friends, he plays some gigs in October 1999 in LA:

Paul Gurvitz (vocals)
Chris Spedding (guitar)
Paul Bushnell (bass)
Adrian Lee (keyboards)
Rogerio Jardim (drums)
Lorna Lee (backing vocals)
Peter Byrne (backing vocals)
I wish this would be a stable band!

Solo albums :

Albums with Toyah: Some sessions:
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