Below are links to some of my interests - just click on the picture or the underlined text to go to the site.   As you can see, I love animation!
The best band in the world!
Helloooo, Nurse!
World domination and cheese! Narf!
Probably my two favorite tv shows of all time - they don't call me "Big Mama Dot" for nothing!
I think Pinky and Gadget from Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers make the cutest couple!  Isn't mousey love adorable?
The Dark Knight
Supergirl & Batgirl
Batman: The Animated Series
Hey sugah, come on over to Southern Comfort!
You comin' to my Gambit Guild, chere?
The X-Men, especially Rogue and Gambit
Click here to see my Rogue and Gambit fanart page
My favorite movies
Sluggy Freelance: The mother-in-law of all webcomics!
Blotto Street
I'm a friend of the artist so I even got a cameo!
It's me!
Art history, especially Art Nouveau and ancient art - click here to read a paper I wrote on Picasso in popular culture (which included an internet survey), or click here to visit the website of the Cleveland Museum of Art, which was like a my second home while I was at university.
And last, but certainly not least, my favorite band, U2!  Clicking on the picture will take you to my U2 webpage which is still under construction but has some relevant links.
All photos, drawings, logos, names, etc. are copyright their respective owners (namely, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney, Pete Abrams, and Daniel Milford-Cottam.)  Please do not use them without permission.  Thank you!
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