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Hey everyone!!!! I am updating the page this weekend, so look for all the updated things. Also, if a box pops up in the corner of your screen when the page first loads, let it load, because it is a survey thing. I hope you like my page! KTBSPA!!!

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Go to the News section to see news on the new BSB album!

This is my little baby, "Backstreet". Isn't he cute?

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Quote from A.J.: Have You Ever Said Something Hurtful To The Others You've Regretted? "I don't think I've ever said anything horrible, but me and Nick got into a physical fight once. We were at Kev's apartment and Nick kept making fun of me and at the time I couldn't cope it, so I got one of his special comic books and lit a match to it. We got into a fight over it and ended up not speaking. Then about a week later we were in the studio recording I'll Never Break Your Heart and I went into another room to write some lyrics and Nick was also writing in there and we ended up doing a song together. It's the one that we played on the MTV special."

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